A question about this magic system

Got a question.

In the character creation part of this game you get to choose where you were born, which results in two stats being increased.

How much info would you prefer in the actual choice text? Do you like hints of which stats will increase?

The nickname of the land would be hint enough, i.e. Gondor the land of the brave.

I prefer hints because not being English I usually lost name hints like gondor for me don’t mean any special

Gondor is from JRR Tolkien’s The Lord of The Rings. It’s where Boromir and Anagorn come from.

yeah I know but for me is all but brave I hate gondor his tactics was stupid and their vigilance in the 3 era was not existing more focused un internal political battles the new king doesn’t do things really better but this isn’t Lord of rings forum so I stop

@MaraJade Gondor’s tactics weren’t actually that bad in the 3rd era, although Denethor really should have lit the beacons earlier, and not sent Faramir & co out on a death mission to Osgiliath. But they actually defended the city quite well, all things considered. And @Headhunter180 Aragorn didn’t actually come from Gondor (I believe)- he was descended from the line of kings, but was born as a ranger.

@Nocturnal_Stillness I prefer it when the hints are written in the text before, but not actually in the choice. e.g. (More subtle than this though!)

Blah blah. Option A will increase stat A because of blah blah. Blah blah. 
Option B will increase stat B because of blah blah. Blah.
----#Option A
--------*set blah blah
----#Option B
--------*set blip blip

hope this helps!

The defense of Gondor was epic but not a miracle of strategy but I think like my father when saw the end of lord of rings and the eagles what in the … they don’t throw the ring with frodo in the vulcano directly. in the first film?

@MaraJade I don’t think the eagles could bear the power of the ring (I may be wrong), or it might corrupt them. Either that or the Fellowship really didn’t think things through. And the defence of Gondor had a small bit of strategy, although there was more strategy used when Rohan attacked the Orcs, and you don’t really need strategy when you have an army of invincible ghosts to fight for you!

@Nocturnal_Stillness how far will the limits on the magic system go, e.g. will we be amazingly powerful, or will there be a cap as to how far we can go (e.g. we can’t blow up whole cities, kill millions etc.)?


A Synir’s limits depend on how much they are willing to do.

The inherit weakness of Syn is it can only manipulate what is there. So they’ll need to start a lot of fires before they can burn a city to the ground.

Each Synir is born with an affinity for one element which means they can power up that element faster. But they have a 1 in 5 chance of being born with an affinity for all four elements (but smaller increase).

In general a Synir’s power is their experience with the element plus the abundance of the same element.

this game idea sounds awesome

@Nocturnal_Stillness Only if you can work it nicly into the back ground story, subtle hits, otherwise if its to obvious it’s like a slap in the face and takes away the mystery and adventure( too a=b type thing…)


I’m thinking of something like this…

You don’t miss living in Tyress. Its citizens were either miners or blacksmiths like yourself. Your youth had been hard and you left the first chance you got but it was still home…

Heres a bit more info about Syn.

It basically exists everywhere in everything and everyone. In a few rare places the amount of Syn is abnormally large and concentrated. These places are referred to as Pillars of Syn. In a POS your powers are stronger.

On the opposite side where the Syn is practically gone and these are deathtraps for the Synir as they cannot use their powers at all as all syn is absorbed by the void left by the lack of syn present in the area.

That’s not bad, you get hints where your going but not overly strong, is that one of the background choices?
You don’t miss living in Tyress. Its citizens were either miners or blacksmiths like yourself. Your youth had been hard and you left the first chance you got but it was still home…?

Liking the more info above, question- these “deathtrap” areas, if they absorbed syn, and syn is in everything, does that mean if a person were to stay in such an area too long they would have their life sucked from them?

Yes that is one of the choices.

Their life would’t be sucked from them they’d just get weaker and weaker until they’d lose their ability to use Syn.

That’s cool, although personally it could be used in interesting ways if the life was sucked out of you(and not just syn), eg. Getting double crossed or failing a contract and having been forced to-retreat or thrown into such an area and some how have to survive and get out. Opens up difficult options too- do you power on through and get your team out? Or Steal/suck the syn/life force from team mates to save your own ass?


Well syn is part of everything and has been for so long I suppose people would fear death if they ran out of it. Ignorance is a dangerous thing after all.

That could be an interesting view, making people believe( scare mongering ) could give you some real moral choices when facing such areas


The way I see it, imagine if you spent your entire life inside a suit with a battery pack determining how much oxygen you get.

Its been centuries since people knew that they could breathe outside, so that has long been forgotten. Now imagine the battery was about to run out…how would you feel? worry? panic? fear? or acceptance? I think the majority of people would be scared of what could happen.

I like it!