A new political interactive game inspired by suzerain

Quoting the official description:

“Lead a waning Empire back to its former glory in this fictional Cold War text-based RPG. As emperor, choose who to trust and who to silence. Adapt to changing times or cling to tradition. Enact reforms to revive the economy, enforce law and order, and reinforce the Empire’s place under the Sun.”

See the page below for details.

[Last Emperor on Steam](https://link to steam page)


I think they need to work on the GUI a bit more. It looks kinda rough compared to Suzerain. However, I’m looking forward to the game nonetheless!

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Will it be ever released for Android? Sounds interesting enough. Though the plot seems very much like Suzerain.


When will it be available for trial?


If all goes well, we plan to release a demo version at the steam next fest in October.

That sounds great Suzerain never had a demo on steam so I never could find if my Potato Laptop could run it