A Midsummer's Night Choice: Piccolita Endings

How do you get the Piccolita Good Ending? I’ve been trying for a bit and it never happens.

Assuming your relationship with her is high enough, you can accomplish it with either a high nobility (informing everyone what you intend to do); a high enchantment (using the magic of the forest); or a high merriment (comparing your case to the chance they had long ago)–however, you must also have the two sides of the battle be on relatively good terms after the battle is concluded.

I think this is my favorite possible relationship in the game.


Very late reply but I can give you some specifics on how I accomplished this ending as I’ve been playing through this game as of late:

Have a high relationship with Picolita. Here’s the one that I remember increase you relationship with her:
When you’re eavesdropping on Morgan and the Maroon Knight shows up:

I may as well say, “Alas, my sorrow!”

When you notice the fairy spying on the Maroon Knight who is spying on Morgan:

…go and greet the fairy.

When the Fairy Queen asks you about Picolita:

“Then she attacked me and captured me. I did nothing to deserve such treatment.”

When the Fairy Queen asks who you love:

“Shockingly enough, I think I’ve fallen in love with Piccolita.”

When the Fairy Queen asks you about yourself:

I ask Piccolita to help you me these questions. - not entirely sure on this one.
After being shown Morgan’s letter:

“Morgan thinks she can outfox everyone, but I will not let him/her get away with it.”

When Piccolita asks if you meant what you said earlier:

“Yes, I did mean it. I love you, Piccolita.”

When Piccolita shows up during the play:

Communicate with her and agree to her request. While I don’t remember it increasing your reputation with her, some of the other options may decrease it.

Also during the battle of the bed:

Chose to side with the Fairy Queen as you’ll get an option to kiss Piccolita for another reputation increase. Also if you went for courage, select the option to have the fairies magic the gold away as you’ll fail the other routes thus result in the fairies laughing at you.

After the battle of the bed is concluded
Select the option to have the Fairy Queen rule the forests and your father everywhere else. This gives you the reconciliation ending where the two sides decide to forgive each other. Use your magic to heal your father.

Build up your enchantment
You’ll want to use magic wherever possible and eat fairy food/wine when you’re offered it as these will increase your enchantment. I think that the informing everyone of your intentions option may be tied to your wit score as with high scores in nobility, enchantment and courage but low wit, I got the best friends with Piccolita ending (Captain of Our Fairy Band) which isn’t completely terrible if you make friends with the unicorn in the epilogue. If your enchantment is high, you can easily use magic to convince everyone that you and Piccolita belong together.