A Midsummer Night’s Choice — Fairy outlaws invade a Shakespearean comedy!

That was the intention.


I didn’t know what to type as my Duchy’s motto, so I typed “What the f_ck!” Then the Duke’s soldiers were running around in the battle screaming “What the f_ck!”


I can’t think of a better battle cry, tbh. That would be my go to, lol


Sorry I didn’t make screenshots, but if I check the extra commentary when my MC makes excuses to her father about how she can’t marry Lord Penderghast bc she is already betrothed to someone else then both the colonist and the emperors distant relative options result in an error message popping up.


Thanks, I will check on that.

Edit: A fix is on the way!


I apologize for necroposting, but I’ve only just started playing this and I want to say how much I’m enjoying the game. The writing reminds me of Monty Python and I lost count of the number of times I laughed out loud while reading the story. I think this would make a very good visual novel if that ever comes to pass.


returning to this game after having transed my gender, i notice potential for trans readings of the MC’s experiences in disguise – playing as a woman who was relieved to shed the masculine disguise she had to adopt to escape notice hits different for me now. in the other direction, i can imagine the choice wherein the MC laments having to leave their disguise behind being interpreted similarly.

@Gower, was the potential for such a reading intentional, or is that a happy coincidence?


Definitely, it was, and if I had to do it again, I would (in addition to putting an option for playing nb) make much more of that angle. I wish I could have dealt with the issue of disguise and clothes and gender much more, instead of it being largely confined to that bit in Chapter Six.

Perhaps someday I’ll revisit this…!


With the option to romance the evil twin?

In any case I don’t imagine my poor gay mc liked dressing up as a girl very much, so you could also do more with the relief of being able to shed the disguise near the end.

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