A Long Weekend (Drama, Romance, Slice-of-Life) [PUBLISHED]

A Long Weekend

ᅠ——— Plot ———

A Long Weekend is a story about the human psyche, a story about love, terror, and existential angst.
You play as a lonely young adult who has to spend three long days off from work.

Will you be able to overcome your own fears? Will you find peace, a friend, perhaps love? Or will you succumb to your own sorrows and dreads?

——— Mechanics ———

  • Play as male, female, or nonbinary; straight, gay or bi.
  • A simple, yet dramatic slice of life story.
  • Three days to change the fate of your character. Will you be able to improve their life?
  • Three endings with nine different outcomes.

——— Development ———

  • Currently available: 3 days out of 3 (No epilogues)
  • Word count: 41209 words




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[DashingDon tags: PC can be male, PC can be female, PC can be nonbinary, romance, romanceable gay NPC, romanceable bisexual NPC, romanceable heterosexual NPC, real life, serious, trigger warnings, young adult]


This is pretty good.


Yeesh, I felt this more than I thought. The way the invasive thoughts just come in, taunting you and the only thing you can do is try to block them out.

Anyhow, there’s a few pronoun errors such as female Alex handing over his wallet and next scene where he is thinking of me.


Thank you, there are a lot of pronouns so I was sure I had overlooked some of them.

Edit: bugs fixed. Enjoy :slight_smile:


Hey! this game looks interesting but whenever I choose the nonbinary option I’m given this error.

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I love the story thus far, i think it touches the dilemma of many people in modern days, like having someone in your mind who cannot return your love , the following sequence of how a co worker come into your life in a meaningful weekend is the perfect fantasy too good to be true,:blush:




I’m going to take a look at this, thank you!

Edit: Oops, no wonder you were getting an error, @PastelSweetss. I had accidentally deleted a line of code :sweat_smile:

But it’s all good now! Have fun :slight_smile:


Oh my, a new WIP from the lovely Daleko!

This is a WIP hits me hard for multiple reasons (Went through a similar issue in the my past). Honestly i cant wait to see more of this WIP, and heres to hoping there’s a light at the end of the tunnel for the MC


This is so cool! I like the simple premise - it almost seems like because the game doesn’t have a super expansive, ambitious scope, the compactness will allow some real depth & exploration of the character’s inner world.

Sometimes I do feel like I sometimes miss out on options where I’m actually happy/excited to have a weekend off and just be a pretty well-adjusted human in general. But I get that it’s part of the whole point of the game(?). Though maybe it would be cool to set up a character who thinks they’re all fine and dandy and have something really throw that into question.

Also, am I missing something or do we really have to choose between doing chores (ew) or sleeping more? I’d be out there trying to make the most of my weekend! Bike ride, short hike, coffee, all before 9am? Sign me up! I was a little shook when it said it was already midday. Like whutt! That’s horrifying! I’m sure that, in itself, is probably not the healthiest way to approach a day off.

Anyway, excited for the rest of it!


Very interesting and deep plot. There’s a pronoun error at " rests his hands".


Thank you, I fixed it :slight_smile:

Thanks for your comment! I’ll try to answer your concerns without spoilering too much.

Explanation inside...

Yes, not being happy for the time off is “part of the point of the game,” as you say. There can’t be a carefree character who suddenly changes their personality because we’re already in medias res.
You see, MC isn’t just sad. Rather, the presence of some mental disorder is evident.
This leads them not only to suffer when they’re alone, as the voice in their head is amplified; but they lacks the desire, the joy of doing something. Whether it’s going for a walk, going for a bike ride, etc.
Their choices are only two: do the bare minimum, or don’t even do that.

It’s no coincidence that when their coworker asks them to hang out, they have the option to push themselves and do it or the option to stay behind, as they’re used to do. It’s up to you to decide how much you want to get them back on the road to recovery… or let them simmer in their own pain.

I hope the explanation is clear enough, and that you get to enjoy the game! :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:


@Daleko Love this. Can’t wait to see how you proceed from here. Will be keeping an eye on this. Keep up the good work, brother.


Thank you very much, @Ghoslestat. I hope the next update lives up to your expectations.


If its anything like what you got here, it’ll be good. I’m actually hoping that you give MC a chance to confess feelings to their best friend.


Great​ WIP, i​ especial​ly​ like​ how​ tired​ the​ MC​ is, can​ related.


I agree, however, irl, I’d much rather sleep till 10 than partake in any activites. I know that’s not productive but its so relaxing to have a break from the general monotony and workload on a weekend.


Wait how did you get this dialogue, if you don’t mind explaining cause I’ve been trying to do everything (as much as the demo holds) and this is the first time seeing Alex say this


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woo, real emily is away vibes from this, right down to the name heheh


Crush definitely gonna return, be funny if they get jealous cause the MCs with Alex