A Light Among the Stars (space opera)

What are the poly routes in this game?

I guess the confusion stemmed from 2 things. 1) A comment about how in demand those fields were, and 2) the stuff you addressed about similarity but not qualification. For the second, it sounds like you have a fantastically-reasoned plan in place. I look forward to playing this out. My only suggestion might just be a comment about how the MC lacks ship time to qualify for an apprentice program, which is a significant investment for a captain to make, as well as a general statement of knowing theory, but lacking familiarity with ship systems/equipment.

Basically, it’s not that I object to the way things played out so much that I, as a player, want to be sure the decision I made (to pursue a degree in general, and skilled labor in specific) wasn’t being overlooked and could benefit me down the road.

Yeah, I chose plant sciences for my degree because I had this romanticized idea of being a ship botanist that maintains plants on the ship to aid in cO2 scrubbing and oxygen production. I realize adding specific jobs/tasks for three different degrees would add a lot of writing to the project, though.

I like the idea of what you’ve got so far, it’s seems interesting. It’s true that there’s is a lot of info to read in the beginning and a few choices but, to me it’s not that important if what is told is significant, so I’ve read it without complaint. It’s true there’re readers that doesn’t like to much info or to much story without choices.

I’ll keep an eye to future updates. There’s a lot of work for all the paths that are waiting to be written so, good luck!!! And patience. :blush:

I’m glad you brought it up, as it definitely can be shored up in story. Maybe even options to add to interaction with Ren too. As the junior deck division officer, Ren’s the training officer.

In my maybe pile is the possibility to add hobbies for the MC, since they spend a lot of time in space. Some of the degrees would play well to a hobby system. I had considered a greenhouse or hydroponics system for the ship as well.

At this time, I have no set couples for poly, so it is somewhat open ended. There are some combos that would be less likely and thus harder to achieve, and a few that just won’t happen. Age and rank differences would factor in with the captain and chief engineer.

With Captain Jules, they are very aware that any relationship with anyone on the ship has a potential power imbalance. Rather than venturing into spoiler territory, I’m going to list the captain as “limited poly” in that they would not enter a poly relationship with any of the sub-30 NPCs (Ren, Logan, Harper, Izumi, Rory, and the non-spacer NPC coming in Chapter 3).

Age is a lesser factor with Chief Engineer Michi than rank/chain of command, so no poly with their engineering staff (Rory, Logan, Izumi).

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Why not set the variables when the player enters a romantic relationship with Michi? Since it seems like that’s when they’ll learn the information in-game.

I found the scene where the player meets Michi and then immediately tries to guess what genitalia they have pretty off-putting.

Overall, you’ve got a very promising start and I look forward to seeing future developments. c:

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I am having a moment where I want to physically face palm myself for missing the obvious solution…

You. Are. Awesome. :star_struck:

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I mean, same on introduction chapters, just because the pace is always kind of slower than the rest of the work just by nature of explaining everything. Maybe have the main bit of the tour come after everyone gets back on the ship, just for like, iunno, security reasons or something? Like, break it into two and dedicate most of one to people and most of two to the ship and life on the ship, as kind of like a living tour while people get to work.

I think that makes a lot of sense, honestly. I’ve played a few games where women have shown interest in my for all purposes gay character, but I still got options for either letting her down or accepting her advances, because sexuality is weird either way. It kind of made the narrative feel more real and interesting, I guess?

at learn more about kicarro the learn more about iori information is there too. you ask us what the character is thinking a lot but not when logan brings up the passenger again. players that wanted to ignore shouldnt get the juice delivery sequence if we dont get response options

I think this makes sense. Even with an engineering specific degree, you’d have to pass a nasty exam and get multiple years of experience under a liscened professional IRL before you could become a PE.

But that isn’t common knowledge necessarily, so I see why it’s not intuitive for a lot of people.

For me, I think it’s also the result of playing bad CYOA games/WIPs that whenever you see a choice that appears ignored…you panic.

Good catch on the Ioria glitch.

In regards to taking juice to Logan, that’s separate from whether or not you’re interested in the issue. While,the ship isn’t military rigid, I suppose my assumption in not offering a choice there is that Alex outranks the MC, so is going to have them run errands when Alex is busy. That’s likely to happen again, to be honest.

I’m looking at the interaction with Logan and don’t see anything that really goes against someone wanting to be disinterested, but I’ll mull it over.

Some of the options in the chapter 1 revision will give the MC other things to be doing than be in the galley all day.

I’m always happy to see if something’s underdone and needs fleshing out. Usually my problem is giving too much info!

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You make the character agree with Logan the same way the others are reacting when any other time you are asking us what our character is thinking. There could at least be an option where the character excuses itself to leave or something instead of answering how Logan wants

I’m still not entirely sure I’m on the same page with you on the Logan interactions, but that said, I revised the scene as part of the revamp to make the Chapter One introductions less overwhelming. Let me know if it resolves the issue or flows better. There’s even an option now where you might not even be present in the galley at that time.

In general… it’s a mini-update, since I went ahead and uploaded my current chapter one as part of working on the Logan scene. While the word count itself hasn’t changed that much in total, that’s because I scooped about 5k out and dumped it into my “work it back in later” file.

So… more variety of options instead of a long, linear bit (I hope). In addition to the stray first mate, the three barely introduced crew members from the original chapter one have now gone on the lam with the elusive first mate to give me time to flesh out the other NPCs more. Average play is about 3k higher now too.

I don’t know if there will actually end up a full chapter two for the introductions, but those four NPCs will at least wait til day two and let the poor MC go sleep a bit before tackling meeting the remainder of workmates.


When talking to Logan and choosing the bottom bunk, the text is repeated.


“I’m fine with the bottom bunk. Probably quieter for my shift anyway.”

“No sense in missing your first ship’s dinner on my behalf. I’ll finish up and then use the iris portal to get to crew quarters to wash up and change.”

You’d delivered the juice as Alex requested, but didn’t want to get involved further. “I’d better get back in case Alex needs me.”

“No sense in missing your first ship’s dinner on my behalf. I’ll finish up and then use the iris portal to get to crew quarters to wash up and change.”

When I click this option, the game redirects me as if I’d chosen my birthing parent to be alien.


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Sooooooooooo, this happened after I chose the "orphaned birthing human" option thing...

you can do something similar at harper, rory, alex table, we choose to ask about the passenger or choose to skip to asking what happens after dinner

“Just don’t make sure you remember the ship rule - no Rory in the galley,” the captain replies.

Fixed the birthingparent bug - again.

Good idea. I also added in options for the MC to either ask questions or ignore things if they weren’t in the galley at the time Logan returned.

Being able to play a half-alien with different characteristics for each is a really nice change of pace from the usual human player characters. Also, older ROs ftw!! I’m really excited to see what the romances are gonna be like and if our half-alien nature will play a role in any of the relationships.

I found this bug btw: