A Letter To Erina



A Letter To Erina

I’m Juta and I’m a beginner.
My story is about a man and a woman discovering their sexual frustrations and due to fate they lead themselves to each other. You’ll be playing the role of Jonathan. However there will be a third-party , Lucas. You can also play the role of Lucas. More characters will be added soon. Mature Content. If you don’t like it then don’t see. Thank you :slight_smile:
Co-Author : @Kelvin1800


Not that often we get deeply romantic/midly erotic games on the site… good luck to you and I hope you find success!



Is there a place to find your WIP. I am quite curious to read the story.


Do please ensure that you get the game rated 18+ on release.


Wow first time i ever see this kind of game and it sounds really cool.


@Pandini thank you! :slight_smile:


@Lord_of_the_Galaxy yes I will :slight_smile:


@pauleno2000 Thx! :slight_smile:


This is a rare idea, I wonder how people will accept it (considering how sex is commonly a taboo topic even in this new world)


I hope they accept it @Lord_of_the_Galaxy :sweat_smile:


Well, best of luck then.


is there a demo out?


If its rated 18+ then would it be barred from being sold at certain platforms?


@Pandini we are still working on the story :slight_smile:


@Harian I hope not :sweat_smile:


I don’t think so. Merely that age restrictions will need to be off.


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