A good name

i really suck with manes can anyone give me a good name or my call of duty type came???
the demo will come out really soon but yeah its like marine raider but longer

Close-Combats maby?

Operation White Hawks

Strife of a Nation
Campaigning for War

Metal Slug
Heavy steel
Honor Gears

Enemy Excursion
Death or Dishonor
Dogtags: a Soldiers Life


Metal Slug is already a game

The Secret Military Campaign of John F. Kennedy

Cold Shrapnel

Operation White Hawks or Cold Shrapnel will be good thanks guys :smiley:

anyways anyone wants to help??? i don’t need much help just a guy who can check over my work before i publish it…any one willing to help?

thanks i would really need help i do horrible unless someone tells me my mistakes

@hyperguy I’ll help, just PM me.

So happy my name (Operation White Hawks) was chosen. And I can check with Grammar and Spelling but not Coding. PM me as well…

And I see or at least think you are new. Then please go to this link. Tell me if I am wrong.

yeah i am new

OOooOo My name is considered (yay!) But I just got that from Wicked Shrapnel (YouTube Channel)

k changing the name to

Spark: New York

tell me what you guys think… the game is basically about you and your teammates trying to stop a Nuclear bomb from striking New York its a 3 game series so its going to be

Spark: New York
Spark: Paris
Spark: Moscow

and maybe…

Spark: The Last Light

prob gonna take me atleast 5 years to make all the games so just need positive support and some time… demo will be out by the end of this month

That is long but it sounds ok cant wait for it

http://www.seventhsanctum.com/ Can be helpful for such things, and a lot of their randomizes can be repurposed, such using the Tavern Namer for ideas for names of military operations.