A Drop of Night (WiP) (Demo Uploaded 04/11/2017)



casually looking for main ro
Hey, smiley sounds cute
sees age
Oh crap
door smashes in


I think is okay if you choose the 15 age. Romeo and Juliet laws bro


I believes the woman is Rosalyn, not really sure though…


Rosalyn’s eyes are naturally red. the chick, in the end, has the MC eye colors


Oh, well never mind then.


Do you think the woman could be the MC’s mother?


What kind of mother just stabbed my MC?


Oh I meant the one in chains at the end


and then give us a passionate kiss while opening our ribcage and caressing our heart.


A very loving one it seems


indeed, a loving one she is.


It was worth the wait


Everything is worth the wait. Longer we wait, the better results we have. :smiley:


I like the prologue. It’s a good start.


Very interesting! Looking forward to reading more. =D


@Ylva, I first like to say that I have been waiting to try out this game when I first read your post. I have to say, the prologue was very good, I do like how your eye colours can be different on the left and right and I like there is some backstory on the other characters. Now I have noticed some typos;

The first sentence, meant to be ‘For’ not Fo

The second typo; when you first encounter Rosslyn,if you try to fight back or pull out the shard and then afterwards, you chose to surrender, you get this:

The highlighted paragraph says one of your eyes was destroyed, even though your MC only suffered a stab wound. This is also present if you choose to glare at her:

The only time they say your eye being destroyed is if you choose to do nothing and surrender:

Overall, though, cannot wait to see more of this


That’s not a typo, it’s written like that to reflect the way he’s speaking.

Jesus, that’s a big continuity bug that slipped through the cracks. Thanks for picking up on that; I’ll fix it right now.

Edit: Well, it should be fixed. At least, it’s working normally for me. Remember to clean your cache.


Oh forgot to mention, the save function is a bit glitchy; long story short, if you try and load auto save 1 and 2, somehow Autosave 0 can also load those same files, even if it’s empty (just checked). Also, whilst checking, also recalled this;

In the second pic, if you choose do nothing, Rosslyn mentions twenty men, but in the first pic, you faced twenty men and women. Might need to change one or the other.


There quite literally isn’t anything I can do about that, since I’m just using the plugin version available on DashingDon.

That’s not wrong, that’s a generalization by her.


Questions better left unanswered :wink:

It is the purest form of Umbrakinesis you can get. It manifests no weapon because it is the weapon.

It isn’t Rosslyn… why would you think that?!

@WillyJackson the typos you pointed out (the ones that were typos) have been fixed. Thanks!