"A Crown of Sorcery and Steel"—Overthrow the queen's clockwork iron army!

It should be possible with 60 stealth.

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Huh, then I must’ve broken the game somehow. It works when I have 70 stealth but at 67 it doesn’t. It’ll probably work at 64 stealth but gonna take a break for today.

No idea how that’s possible. If your Stealthy skill is at 60 or more, the code says “you gots the rock.”

Not sure whether it might be relevant to the issue you’re having, but these checks were lowered in an update after feedback in this thread. It used to be higher but it should be 60 now if you’re up to date.


A question for those who’ve played a crown of sorcery and steel. How did u manage to get 13,000 + anchorbacks ? I only ever manage to save up 736 or around that range .

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Take every opportunity you can to earn (or steal) money, and don’t spend money on anything you don’t have to. I actually ended up fairly quickly with much more than I needed.

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Thank you. And why am I not surprised? I’ve got most of my in game questions answered by u in this forum :blush:


Needed to clear my cache. I was stuck on an older version.

You also don’t need 1300 anchorbacks if you’ve got an inside edge.

If Cora wins the guild war, she’ll negotiate you down to 550.

Just finished the game and liked it quite a bit! Great interactivity and enjoyed the way there was a space for making the player character grow (I kinda dislike how in some COGs you set your personality in the beginning and get actively punished if you don’t follow it, as if people can’t change when they go on an epic adventure quest). Also it might actually be the very 1st CoG game I went through without romancing anyone. Couldn’t get the portraits out of my head and I personally found them really off-putting. So it was as if I’m on an adventure with a bunch of very unattractive heroes :sweat_smile:
Would be really excited to see more from the author but maybe with the added option to turn off images (I’ve seen it in some HGs, so it seems doable), because I felt that newspaper caricature-like art took more from the game than it added to it.



Any guides for A Crown of Sorcery and Steel?

Not that I’m immediately aware of, since I haven’t seen any on the forum and the steam community doesnt seem to have any. Was there something in particular you needed help with?

Building relationships with characters?

What aspect do you need help with? Basically, spend time with the character(s) you want to get to know better, be positive and kind, and help them achieve their goals.

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This. Hard to screw up if you side with a character’s obvious interests and/or side interests and in some cases try to prove that you love them alone.

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