A Cooking Show Game (WiP)


First of all it’s not very far along. I’m more - so working on my other one, which seems more CoG-ish. However, I want to see how the community would react to my other proposal - a Food Show game. Obviously, it’s not gonna exactly be like “Cupcake Wars” or “Cutthroat Kitchen” (a personal favorite), but it’s going to be a contestant show.

Basics: You achieve greatness by [chosen method]! Yay you! Then you are offered the deal of a lifetime - the chance to create your own show on Food Network (name still in progress)! Of course you accept, and you get workin’. The first episode passes by fine - great in fact. And then strange things begin to happen to both you and the contestants. Will you be able to “save the show”?

  • Plot revenge or try and rise above all the drama.
  • As a Hollywood personnel, your life is out for the public, however some things can be kept a secret - play as straight, openly gay, gay, openly bisexual, bisexual, or asexual.
  • Currently (in the demo) one female RO
  • Choose what your show is about.
  • Choose your contestants - and judges - you can even judge.

And this demo I’ve been talking about? Very extremely short! But still here and ready. Doesn’t have stats, but who needs those anyway?


Update Log:

  • Stats Screen, and part of the “Prologue”


  • Write up the Upper class path
  • Write in the “make the show” part
  • Write in the meet the producer scene

Game Ideas For Authors

Only if there is a Gordon Ramsay type character.


Natural prequel: you have to win a cooking show to get to create and host your own show!


Phew…that guy is high maintenance.

But really, this seems like a promising WIP. I’m intrigued to see how everything will all play out.


Shokugeki no Soma in game form? :laughing:


Oh my God, literally what I was thinking when I read the WIP name. :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:


I love the part where he goes “It’s not personal, it’s professional…dick face.” :smile:


I like the concept very much but I feel your love for the extreme on this genre will turn off some of us. Hell’s Kitchen, Cut-throat Chef, the secret ingredient/sabotage one… they get tiring after a while.

The cupcake Wars (the original British show) was interesting because it was a competition with British restraint … the Top Chef, Iron Chef and Restaurant Wars types of shows are a middle ground … might be harder to pull off these low level drama ones though.

What I feel would be awesome if you could do it would be a show like “Bobby Flay’s Cook-off” (sp) where you go around the country and challenge the best of the best in specific categories (Cheesecake) and you as the famous dude tries to improve on the recipe…

The danger with the high octane, high drama choices is that often, especially as you watch multiple seasons and clones is that the drama and conflict is forced.

Anyways - I would love this type of CoG game to be done.


Idk if I’m a good enough coder for that, but I’ll try. I mean, it shouldn’t be too hard… Right?


With that show’s format being binary… two chefs, two recipes, two judges, a winner and a loser, I don’t see as much difficulty if you use something like “Cut-throat Kitchen” where you have three (or is it four?) chefs, multiple challenges and multiple outcomes…

Coding will get frustrating and unless your experienced there will be a learning curve but the community is great here and they will help and support you. They won’t do your work but between the wiki, the forum and the available tools, if you are serious and able to do the writing you’ll get the coding down.

Heck, if I can do it, almost everyone can. :smile_cat:


It is four contestants, yes. Also, I added the ability (not yet ready for testing) to chose what your show is, and for now, it’s a two-person contest (thx for the idea, might I add). I think that it might be better for the reader to feel more involved, and if I ever end up finishing something, I might get to work on the prequel @Hanon_Ondricek, which features a four-person show where you are a contestant.


no problem; I think you will do fine. Another take on things I found is this: The chef has to tell which of 3 things about the dish is a lie. Bravo channel is doing a show on this topic this season. So after a dish is made a chef has to decide which statement is a lie about the dish to move on in the competition.


I was thinking about adding that in, and I’m pretty sure I’m going to. I do want the reader to have choices, and that seems like a good way to add some in.

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EDIT 2.0: [quote=“Goddess, post:13, topic:15416”]
Genderqueer. I think of yourself as both male and female in some ways, and am not afraid to admit it.

Genderqueer. I think of myself as both male and female in some ways, and am not afraid to admit it.

Fixed it in my private.


You did… lol… just like the guy that runs Hell’s Kitchen, you’ll make people cry :stuck_out_tongue:


Likely a misclick by someone. I wouldn’t worry, a flag just asks a moderator to review it, doesnt mean its going to be locked down.

Hows the game coming along?


Perhaps it was a misplaced Like?


There seems to be a small bug where when I choose for my mc to be immoral instead my moral side increases. Same thing with choosing an mc to be moral, my immoral side increases instead.


I played it and liked what is there is so far. I did find an error in the part where you fill out your paper:
show line 309: increasing indent not allowed, expected 3 was 4

Looks like it has nice potential, though! I’d play a cooking show game. :slight_smile:


In the orientation section, if you select bisexual, it just loops that page until an error pops up