A Cat's Life

So this is the official post for A Cat’s Life (2-3 part game by Sol Falyk).

Play as a purebred (20+ breeds), mixed breed, or even a wild cat (over 5 wild breeds/species)! Live as a stray, a pet, participate in cat shows or be a therapy cat!.

As a stray, watch your health, hunger, and stamina, for they will determine your lifespan. Dangers such as cars, humans, dogs, foxes, and other cats threaten your life every day, as well as your food sources and den spots.
As a pet, live in the lap of luxury alongside other pets in the home, or be the only one and get all the attention! Participate in cat shows and earn a blue ribbon (exclusive to purebreds).
As a wild cat, evade humans that can recognize your breed & send you back to the sanctuary or the wild.
Hunt for your food, keep yourself warm and sheltered, and survive however you can.
Cat randomizer: randomize your mixed breed, over 30 pelts in the list!
Achievements (not implemented yet): multiple achievements will scattered throughout the story as it progresses. Some are partnered with A Dog’s Life!

Sister game to A Dog’s Life. Encounter your own alternate species life, regardless of your home or origins. Major events will be shared across games, as they are parallel to each other.

There is no link yet; the game has not been completed enough to post on Dashingdon.com yet. But there will be regular post letting people know about possibilities in the game, as well as when updates will be coming out, a link is made, or anything else of interest.


Yesss! I’ve BEEN waiting for another cat based game.

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