A Basic Tutorial on Name, Relationship and Gender Variables

@Etman_1 I don’t understand what you mean.

its great and all but how do you download the choicescript program? @FairyGodfeather disregard what I said earlier I was talking about something else but I understand it now. please reply asap

Try reading http://www.choiceofgames.com/forum/discussion/418/i-need-help-with-choicescript-what-do-i-do

There’s lots of helpful links.

it is not helping
when I click a download link I download a folder with a bunch of different crap not the actual program

Everything you need is in that folder. There is no programme to download. All you do is made text files and put them in the correct folder. If you want a programme use the development environment that CJW made. It should be linked to in that thread.

what is the link for the program?


Or download Notepad++ and edit the files in that folder full of ‘crap’ locally :stuck_out_tongue:

I didn’t mean like that. sorry if I overreacted. just got a little frustrated that’s all. thx :slight_smile:

how do you work stats? it is so confusing!

@Etman_1 Can you start your own thread? Ask your questions there. But really, first read through everything. Search the help folder since there’s plenty of answers there to other people answering similar questions.

@Etman_1 hopefully this helps, it is geared towards new users. http://www.choiceofbox.com/

@Etman_1 Try this http://www.choiceofgames.com/make-your-own-games/customizing-the-choicescript-stats-screen/

when I put in
text name
text leadership
text strength

it says Error loading Scene ‘choicescript_stats’ - it may not exist

@Etman_1 Please take this discussion to another topic. Start an Etman needs help thread. This thread’s specifically for the tutorial listed above. It’s not a general help thread. I’m going to delete any posts that are asking for generalised, off-topic help, after this.


This is incredible. Thank you.

I want to add in the check capitalization code for input text into the tutorial. I swiped this one from Choice of the Dragon, I hadn’t even known it was possible when writing the tutorial.

I’m not sure which section makes the most sense to add it though, since it’s an added layer of complication above the very basic introduction, however I think it’s rather clever.

*if ("${name}" != "$!{name}")

	Your name is $!{name}, is that right?
			*set name "$!{name}"
			*goto next
		#No, my name is ${name}.
			*goto next
		#Let me try that again.
			*goto input_name

Should I insert this into the surname input_text, and explain it there? Add it in as a bonus right at the bottom of the tutorial? Make it into a subroutine? Just leave it out as too complicated?

Edit: Changed the parenthesis to how CJW suggested (I think.)

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Aww, I really regret not joining the forums sooner. So much help topics here that would have been handy a month or so ago. Thank you for the code advice. Also, with the genders do you need to write the whole “he, his, him” or “she, her” thing? I haven’t with my WIP so just wondering.

You and CJW are lifesavers. <3

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Oh my goodness! I knew there was a quick easy way to shift between genders without rewriting entire sections; I just couldn’t think of how it would work. This makes so much sense. Oh my word. I just screamed with excitement. this is so great! Thank you!

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