7th Sea: A Pirate’s Pact — Command the high seas as an up-and-coming pirate!

Played the Demo. This is a very PG-rated pirate story. The ship is clean, the language is clean, the pirates are clean, extremely honorable and very considerate. They don’t even feel like pirates to me, more like adventurers on a mission, but pirates are more marketable than adventurers I suppose, so pirates they are. It’s escapist fun, but a bit too light for my personal taste.

You can also add me to the list of those disappointed that there is no Christine romance. Peyton Redwing seemed too nice and sweet for a pirate captain romance, and that left me feeling I was playing in the land of rainbows and unicorns. The poly for bi-MC’s was also of 0 interest to me.

In the end, I prefer grittier, more realistic portrayals of human beings, but if you’re looking for a good time with “pirates”, this may be up your alley.


I pplayed the demo and felt like i was reading a children adventure book with is okay but not what is highlighted. Maybe a children adventure could have been very good advertisement for Christmas. Still I found demo so linear and with only one type of character in mind that I don’t want buy it.


You mean this one wasn’t aimed at younger audiences? :astonished: I found it a bit lacklustre, for many of the reasons (except for the Christine romance) @P_Tigras already mentioned, but two of my younger cousins (and their mom) got their worth out of it. So I guess if it were aimed at younger audiences, it would be a good story that might draw them into the RPG, who knows? :man_shrugging:

I still bought it because it is exciting to see CoG make deals with other IP’s and what might come of that in the more distant future.


What I mean was if it were presented with a children young highlight and maybe another art more designed for kids could sell like hot cakes. I won’t buy it for any familiar due terrible English level here no waay any cousin could read it lol. But for a kid could be a great great reading and a way to introduce rpg too. I think the highlight won’t make people think o that could be great for my daughter or niece and that’s sad due it really could be a good reading and gender and orientation progressive . That is really difficult to see as most children stories are totally stereotype fuelled.

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It would be great to see demographics per game. Maybe in the published author’s section?


I agree that the marketing for this title may not be ideal in its current state. It’s a decent story, if a bit lackluster for adults.

I agree completely and maybe CoG should think about re-doing some of the marketing surrounding this title.

I do think that was obviously the whole idea from the 7th Sea Side.
One of my old Dungeon Masters had some of the sourcebooks for it back in college, but I never really took a close look at those back then.

Doesn’t CoG provide you with that data for your own game as an author? If not they might not even keep track of it themselves.


I haven’t seen anything like that yet.

No, I’m not even sure if they get that kind of info from the stores.

While an overall fun game with an excellent, tho admittedly unrealistic setting, a pirates pact falls a bit short.
The romance seems to have been tacked on, likely for marketing purposes. I can’t find myself interested in any of them, even Just to shake up the normal story dialogue.
Given the amount of detail some characters were given I get the feeling they were meant to be romances, but we’re cut to make a December release.
Still, the game is fairly interesting and has a decent replayability.


The best thing about this game is Christine.

The worst thing about this game is Christine.

You may ask, “Why the contradiction?”. But deep down you know the answer. You just haven’t realized it yet.


While the game does seem pretty tame compared to other pirate adventures, I’m always up for poly representation. I had fun overall!

I admit the tagline does amuse me ‘Fight for what’s right, as a pirate!’ That’s like saying ‘Fight for what’s right, as an undisguised thief and murderer!’

Not that that seems to be the actual subject matter of the game, it’s just funny to see them as so incredibly noble. Admittedly, 7th Sea was always more of a heroic and high adventure tale than anything else.

Truly enjoyed the game. Hopefully for a sequel. I liked Rueben. Christine was a good best friends. Overall light hearted and had some fun fight scenes wish there where more.


Ok. I read through this.

It is the best or rather easiest to understand of the sea faring CoG stories. It’s fun with a lot of excitement and good writing.

My only beef is with the character development. I’m going to add romance in there. Reuben is not a good or charasmatic character. He feels like a filler with no reason besides just to be there. So does Christine for that matter.

Without the option to romance Christine, which makes sense to have, she is useless word count fluff. I was confused if there were anyone else I could romance besides Lex and the pirate Captain. Nothing was really hinted at (the pirate Captain also seems to not care for convention in as much as how quickly things go from enemy to the bed) besides those two. There were a few characters that felt like they could of like the pirate with the red bandana at the beginning and the one with the blue shirt that you fought alongside or the pirate that you drink with.

I just felt that romance wasn’t well and done in this story and at points where there could of been a romantic interlude, there was nothing.

I did enjoy this. The story was fun and is worth it. Just don’t expect sweeping romance and have a few characters that really don’t drive the plot.

I got this because I was tired of all the supernatural and sci-fi stuff and was not disappointed.

I hope there is a sequel. With all this talk about your mom in this story and not having met her and her imposing legend yet, you would think that in a sequel she would want to “meet” you. Being that you are pretty much a pirate admiral and she is the admiral of your home nation and how wanted you are. I’d guess a high seas mixer where your mom doesn’t know who she is chasing.

Thanks for a fun story.


You do meet her at the end. Well in my end. Don’t remember what I did though was a while ago.

I presume proper royalties have been paid to Chaosium Inc. since this is presumably a for-profit product?

I’m not staff and so have no idea of the details of how IP was handled, but it was clearly “pact” rather than “pirate.” The author is the setting expert for the 7th Sea team.



When this was pitched/written/etc, 7th Sea was still part of John Wick Productions. This was an official product. They even got to use some of the official 7th Sea art for the cover. JWP did a few things to help expand the 7th Sea setting beyond the central tabletop setting. This includes books written by John Wick, a Storium setting, a CD of sea shanties, a card game (Sweet Jenny), and this CoG. I have no idea how this CoG was handled in the deal that led to Chaosium taking over the 7th Sea IP.

(Note: I was not on staff of JWP, but I freelanced frequently for them and wrote the aforementioned Storium setting).


So if a character isn’t a romantic option they are “useless word count fluff”?

Anyone has any idea how to get the “We’re done talking” achievement?