180 Files: Crossfire (spy thriller WIP) (updated 27 Oct)

Reading this demo make me want to read again the previous book and I think I found a bug, I searched info about the twin ( in chapter 5 I think ) and succeed in the test and even with that the option is locked when it should not, my MC learn about the fact that one of the twin was arrested and lost a scholarship because of it


Thanks for flagging this - I can’t find any problem immediately in the code, so I’ll need to look into it more.


Love how this series puts you straight into the action right away…you are great at writing these sequences! I was a bit bummed to be paired with someone unlikable instead of the fabulous 100 (he and Angel were my absolute favs in the last book) but I realize it’s only the beginning and I assume there is a reason for being paired w her…I am so excited that this series is continuing, I really adore it!

I did find 1 spot that i had to keep re-reading because the wording felt like it contradicted itself, here:

It just feels weird that it says that Lewis is “unharmed” while also “lying in a bleeding heap”, since those words usually describe a person who was infact, “harmed” …does that make sense?

Other than that small nitpick- I’m already hooked and cannot wait to read more! Cheers!


Good catch, thank you! I guess I meant ‘less harmed than he would be if he’d been shot’, but I definitely need to reword that!

There’s definitely a reason, and you are supposed to get off on the wrong foot with 196 but hopefully she’s not so bad it’s off-putting!


Speaking of 100, will there be a variation (1c?) where we got the promotion, or hasn’t it happened yet?

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It will come up in the next few chapters, but Chapter 1a wouldn’t change much from that. (It’s definitely an extra reason for 196 to dislike you though!)


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