180 Files: Crossfire (spy thriller WIP) (updated 27 Oct)


Agent 180 is back, just in time to be plunged into a war for the criminal underworld.
Who will you trust? Who will you betray?


If you’ve played the ‘teaser’ demo before, this is an updated version with a lot more content.
I’m starting with Chapter 1a as this is the chapter players who didn’t play Aegis Project will start with and I’d like to make sure it’s a good jumping-in point! (Chapter 1b will be for players who got ‘grounded’ in the first game) Ngl, this has been a tough chapter to write, I’ve been changing bits around for ages and will almost certainly continue to do so.

I’m especially interested in hearing your impressions if you haven’t played the first game - do you feel like you got a good enough idea of who the MC is? What are your overall impressions?

I’d also love it if you can keep an eye out for continuity errors or any places where you can’t follow the logic of why this scene follows that one or why characters are doing things.

Known Issues

  • This is a WIP and therefore still rough in parts! In particular there are choices that could use some more options (especially the escape from the Morgans’ house, which has been driving me crazy for months)

  • The stat boosts aren’t properly balanced. This will take some tweaking later.

  • Relationship stat boosts aren’t shown by the stat guide - this is because I’m still changing what you get where.

  • The ‘recap’ doesn’t yet cover everything important from Aegis Project. There’s a lot!

Feedback is really important in this process. Even - perhaps especially! - if it’s negative. I would much rather you come into this thread and say ‘You lost me in chapter X because I don’t care about this character/couldn’t follow what was happening/found it boring’ than for you to think that but then just quietly stop reading. I’m not saying I will always make changes in response, but I will take it all under consideration.


Plot Summary

Shadowy crime syndicate DIABLO has a problem. Their leader is dead, which means the top seat is up for the taking. But rumour has it that the database full of blackmail that the leader used to maintain control has leaked. With those secrets, come power, and there’s many who would kill for such a prize.

The International Intelligence Agency finds itself torn between tracking down the database for their own use, and dealing with the carnage left by everyone else. And when you, superspy Agent 180, are drawn into the conflict, your mission becomes entangled in the agendas of those around you - and perhaps your own.

  • Continue your adventure from The Aegis Project, or start afresh.
  • Customise your version of 180. Choose your gender, backstory, motivations, and, of course, favourite cocktail.
  • Make your way through situations using charm, cunning, gadgetry, force or sheer nerve.
  • Pick sides in a conflict between rival crime lords.
  • Fight your enemies’ henchmen - or try to befriend them.

ANGEL | 25 | m/f/nb [Romanceable by all]

A DIABLO operative. You’ve met before, and they certainly made an impression. With their striking looks and flirtatious charm, Angel’s good at making impressions, but you’ve seen the menace that lurks beneath their easy smiles. Their interest in you is something you could exploit - if it’s real, and if you can keep yourself from getting too close…

AGENT 313 | 30ish | m/f [Romanceable by MCs of the same gender]

An agent working in the IIA mission control and analysis department; 313 is a technical genius with a strong moral centre - which is not the best thing to have, in your line of work. When 313 dives deeper into the shadows, will they emerge unscathed? And will you be there to watch their back, or clash over your plans?

AGENT 100 | 53 | m [Romanceable by all]

100’s legendary charm, daring, and sheer luck have seen him become the IIA’s most successful agent. Now he’s supposed to be retiring - but he’s never been good at resisting the lure of action. The only thing longer than his list of triumphs is his list of enemies, but can you keep him from being his own worst enemy?

SINCLAIR | late 20s | m/f/nb [Romanceable by all]

A cat burglar whose wit is as quick as their hands, Sinclair is a blast from your past who has re-emerged just in time to get themself in trouble. You always knew them as someone primarily motivated by self-interest - has anything changed?

AGENT 196 | mid 30s | f | [Non-romanceable… unless…?]

The severe, cynical field agent who you’ve been partnered with. She doesn’t seem to be your biggest fan, but is there something more to it than a clash of personalities?

SERAPH | 40? | m | [Non-romanceable]

DIABLO’s top assassin, a grim shadow whose mission clashes with your own. But there is more to him than meets the eye - will you be able to settle things peacefully, or will it all end in bloodshed?


You know next to nothing about this enigmatic evil genius - but Azazel has a plan, and you might just end up as part of it.


This ruthless crimelord sees himself as the natural choice for DIABLO leader. Others disagree, but he’s more than willing to go to any extremes for victory.

Why has this taken so long?

I’ve been going through some health issues which badly affected my ability to string together code and narrative for quite a while. But these characters and plots have been rattling around in my head for long enough that I’m not giving up on them!

I’ve chosen to bring this out under Hosted Games so I can have the option to simplify things in the code and structure if I need to, and also so I can work on the project at what’s probably going to be quite a slow pace.

180 Files: The Aegis Project (Book 1)


Hey, congratulations and lovely to see Crossfire on the forum! I’m really excited to see more from the 180 Files universe. (I love that Christmas 2020 review!)


Very excited to delved into the 180 Files universe again! I just have to replay Aegis Project and look forward to Crossfire!!


YESSSSSS!!! :heart::heart::heart: So excited to see you and 180 back!


Yes so cool to see a sequel, I hope to see Angel back !!!


Can you change mygame in sm_init to something else as the saves are mixing


Sorry about that, I’d uploaded the wrong version of startup. It should be changed now!

@HannahPS I love that review too!


Don’t play with me


I’ve been following progress on Tumblr, but I’m so excited for this expanded demo! This chapter feels like it will be relatively self-contained, similar to the first chapter in AP, so it’s hard to make any judgements on the story, but it’s certainly fun so far. I really enjoyed the first game, so I’m looking forward to this one. Best of luck with you writing!


So far, I really like it! I haven’t read the first one, and nothing is confusing for first timers. My only suggestion would be a shorter hight option, but could an agent be short? I don’t know… either way, keep up the good work


Ha, well we’ll see how things go.

It is supposed to be a kind of the same, but like that chapter it does introduce important characters (196 and Seraph)

The height restriction is mostly because a lot of the main characters you might end up fighting are on the tall side and I feel like it would cause unnecessary complications to fight scenes if 180 is a foot shorter than them! (so I’m taking the lazy way out! :sweat_smile: )


What happened to Vicky?


She’s fine and busy with her own stuff! The way I have it planned at the moment, if you had a good relationship/romance with the Aegis ROs, you can choose that you’re still in touch with them and they have little subplots, but they won’t be making any major appearances.


Thank you. :pray:


Hm. How would the story go in case you’ve thrown your agent position away for a pretty blond man? Would there be a separate Cerberus route for Angel romancers?


Ha, well you haven’t exactly done that yet, since no one else knows what may or may not have happened between you and Angel, so it doesn’t affect the beginning of this game much. However there’s definitely going to be a path where you can go to the DIABLO side; that will come up even if you aren’t romancing Angel.


I have nothing of value in terms of feedback, but I just want to say that I’m excited of this game! (Fun fact, I was thinking of replaying the part one a couple of days earlier. Then I played the demo and remembered it has one of my fav MCs, and now I have to play it agan.)


That’s really nice to hear! (And I love the MC, weird to say but they’re one of my favorite characters in this story)


Will importing a save still work if this is released through hosted?

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I’ve been told it should work!