Your Body a Temple, or the Postmodern Prometheus. (Interesting take on character creation game)

Hi All. In the ectocomp I came across this game which I think had quite an immersive way of setting up a character creation, particularly where unusual stuff is involved. Linking for anyone interested Your Body a Temple, or the Postmodern Prometheus by Charm Cochran

Note on the game warnings- Be aware it does state implied queerphobia. As far as I could tell though in the playthroughs I did, I think it is regarding the last interaction with the builder (spoiler) but they will turn you down as not being their type regardless of what choices you make.


That was… a somewhat distressing experience.
But interesting, yes.

Interesting to find it distressing. I found it largely freeing, actually. I imagine it’s due to the different things about myself, one of which being trans and dysmorphic, that makes it so I’m never really happy with what I have. The idea of being able to make my own that way, even if it’s nightmarish, hell especially if it’s nightmarish and inhuman, is extremely appealing to me, and I quite like what I ended up with in the game.

Actually, I think that was a big part of what made it uncomfortable for me.
You get to create a new body, but it’s all still wrong and very much (and somewhat callously) described as being so.

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I can see how that could be uncomfortable, then. For myself, I personally like the wrongness, even in my own real body which is an awkward mishmash of masculinity and femininity, but I can see why someone who wants something more traditional/normal would be put off by that.




I’m non-binary genderfluid :sweat_smile:
I think, maybe the game just gets too close for me, so I don’t get an emotional distance, and it feels like it tells me I should feel wrong for wanting what I want.

EDIT: removed most of my comment, since I felt like it got too personal.

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Well based on what you said it seems we’re surprisingly similar in the relevant ways regarding this. Makes the difference in our perception/reading of the game more interesting, I think. Probably says that it did largely what it intended, if it was able to draw such differing emotions from kinda similar people.

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Charm Cochran is well known for their horror entries. You should go check out their IFComp 2023 entry Gestures Towards Divinity. It’s set in a art gallery of Francis Bacon. You can enter paintings to find out more. Be warned: it contains discussions of homosexuality, suicide, luck, fate, life after death and so on. Overall a solid piece.

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