You Are Spider-Man In Civil War (Fan CYOA Project)


Ok, so I may have mentioned elsewhere that I have been working on a CYOA game in recent weeks, and I had planned to wait until I had the first section completed, but I figure I can talk about it here now. It’s inspired by similar Choose Your Own Adventure stories I’ve read in the past, only way more epic. Effectively you get the chance to play as Peter Parker in the wake of the Superhuman Civil War between the Pro Registration forces of Iron Man and the rebel Secret Avengers led by Captain America. With heroes on both sides you’ll have to make difficult decisions as to whose side you’re on. I have the opening blurb here…


Do not read this story from beginning to end! These chapters contain the many adventures you can have as Peter Parker - the Amazing Spider-Man – as he and his fellow Avengers, wife Mary Jane and beloved Aunt May get caught up in the Superhuman Civil War following a national tragedy!

From time to time as you read along you will be given choices as to how to proceed, whether it might be who you side with in the Civil War, which missions you undertake, how you protect MJ and Aunt May and how you use your incredible Spider based abilities. When you reach a choice, swing your web line over to the corresponding page number shown to see what your choice has resulted in! You’ll also find yourself gaining special code words via some key decisions you make, whether with your fellow allies or deadly enemies, all of which can determine your options and the ending both you and the other heroes receive!

Remember! The Superhuman Registration Act has the heroes of the Marvel Universe divided over whether heroes should be responsible and have their identities known to the government, and you might well be the lynchpin which could spell victory or defeat for either – or even both sides!

Will you follow Tony Stark’s example and champion superhero reform and responsibility, or side with Captain America’s underground movement of fighting for secret identities and your loved ones’ safety? Will your stay loyal to your chosen cause or switch allegiances in a dark hour? Or will you opt to stay outside the conflict and forge a neutral path with both yourself and a select number of heroes, even if it means battling both sides? Your ultimate decisions may spell a brighter world for superhuman kind and better ending to the Civil War… or cause a terrible dark reign of super criminals running rampant!

Remember what your Uncle Ben told you… with great power comes great responsibility. But who among your friends on both sides can you consider to be the most responsible with their own powers?

Bit of a Q and A about the whole thing now…

Q: Will this be based on the new Captain America: Civil War movie or the Civil War comic?

A: The story will be an adaption of the Civil War comic event which took place over 2006 and 2007 and is most heavily inspired by the comic. When Stamford becomes the site of a superhuman tragedy and the public demands shift action, heroes on both sides are conflicted over what to do.

Certain aspects of the movie like the inclusion of the adult Vision, Scarlet Witch and Clint Barton’s Hawkeye - all who were AWOL in the comic - will appear. Hulk and Thor however will still be absent for reasons which will be explained in context. The story is meant to be standalone from events which preceded Civil War in the comics, although they might well be referenced and Pete starts the story as a member of the New Avengers. Something like Avengers Disassembled happened with Scarlet Witch breaking down, but she’s back with the Avengers (though as with the movie considered a bit of a danger point).

Also the game will take inspiration from the 2009 Marvel game Marvel: Ultimate Alliance 2, which involved using Civil War in part as a plot line.

Q: Erm… I don’t know the comics all that well? Will I be confused with all the stuff mentioned?

A: Don’t panic, I plan to try and be new reader friendly if possible, and the hope is that there will be the option to refer to short character/team/location bios when things come up to put stuff in context. This will likely be in a separate story area but linked where possible?

Q: How long have you had this planned for?

A: This was inspired partly from seeing Civil War but also from seeing an fantastic CYOA by Sidney Sussex on ArchiveOfOurOwn in early April which you can read here, because it’s awesome and you get to play as Hawkeye with the MCU Avengers.

And I also saw Fire Emblem Fates and that inspired me too. From that and also being on here I really wanted to make my own Marvel CYOA and became interested in doing a take on Spidey in Civil War which just got bigger and more ambitious and now it’s likely to be a bit of a huge beast. So I’ve had over a month of making some charts and plans for the opening act and the rest of the game.

Q: Exactly how big is this likely to be?

A: Easily 200,000 words plus at this point?

Q: By Odin’s beard, that’s big!

A: Yep. And I have to try and write it? :stuck_out_tongue: It’s partly because I want all of the core paths in the game to have weight. This likely means a couple of thousand chapters of work, I suspect.

Q: Are you taking inspiration from any other comic stories?

A: Outside the main Civil War comic the Amazing Spider-Man tie-in story at the time is a big inspiration, along with a handful of other tie-ins. The Spider-Man event ‘Back in Black’ might also be utilized for certain paths. One I can safely say won’t appear is the much disliked story line ‘One More Day’, in which Peter traded his marriage to the devil to save Aunt May’s life, basically. I hate it so it ain’t happening.

Q; Romance?

A; Sorry, no. Peter’s happily married - and in some cases on the run - with the two loves of his life, his wife Mary Jane Watson Parker and Aunt May. That’s not to say an old flame might not appear though. Meow. Anyway, you’ll be too busy beating people up. And Parker Luck, if you know what that is.

Q: Ok… what sorts of choices should I be able to make as Peter?

A: Good question! The hope is that Peter - along with you - can have a significant influence as a lynchpin in the Superhuman Civil War between Steve Rogers and Tony Stark. Your most important choice of course early on is whose side you are on. You can align with the Anti Regs or the Pro Regs, or you can choose neutrality and the problems that causes. You’ll have the option to assess your position at a key point too, just like Peter did in the comics… although the circumstances might be different… and remain loyal or switch sides.

Without spoiling things really important choices are registered with a special codeword. Remember these, as they can determine you final ending and situation by war’s end… if you live that long.

Q: I can die?

A: In the case of some really bad decisions, yes. Or captured by the opposing side, though that’s another story…

Q: What sorts of situations can I expect on each path?

A: There are three core paths you can branch out of into following the opening ‘Road to Civil War’ section… the Pro Reg path, Anti Reg path and Neutral path. In each one you’ll align with fellow heroes who have made their choice like you, explore special ‘hubs’ where you can converse with them and influence matters, take part in special missions which advance the story and more. Each path can share aspects of the others but appear from that specific perspective. More details about this should come in time.

Q: What Marvel heroes, villains and supporting cast can I expect to appear?

A: I won’t reveal every hero involved just yet but there will a sizable array of characters on all sides who you can both consider friend and foe! These include Captain America, Luke Cage, Spider Woman, Iron Man, Mister Fantastic, She Hulk, Doctor Strange, Wolverine, Firestar and more! As well as heroes specific to each side, there will also be heroes like yourself who are uncertain who to ally with…

Q: How many endings will there be?

A: Unknown right now, but perhaps about fifty? Uncertain whether I’m considering premature endings in that number.

Q: Where will you be uploading YASICW?

A: Right now it’ll definitely be uploaded on and, but other suitable sites might be considered. I’ll add any links here! :slight_smile:

Q: How often do you plan to update? Do you have a final completed game release window?

A: The opening act ‘Road To Civil War’ will be out next month, most likely. The following sections are in theory shorter so I’m hoping to have that sorted for August? Further sections are much bigger and will take longer. I am ideally hoping to have the whole thing done in time for the new Spider-Man movie in July 2017, though I might be ambitious there! Read the release window section for more information.

Q: I have an idea for something cool for the game, can I tell you about it?

Sure, you can suggest anything sensible here or via IM and I can take it on board?

Q: I have something not answered here?

A: Sure, feel free to post here or IM me about it?

Release Window/Description

Act 0: Road To Civil War (Due June 2016?)

“I think this plan will split us down the middle. i think you’re going to have us at war with each other.”

You are Spider-Man! When the superhero community is rocked by death and destruction in the town of Stamford, the public demand for reform grows ever louder, splitting heroes down the middle. In this opening prologue you must determine your side in the looming conflict, both with your family with Mary Jane and Aunt May and several of your fellow heroes! Explore an array of locales and learn what the Fantastic Four, Avengers and X-Men think about the SHRA. Influence key heroes for possible future allies and enemies! And finally, make your own choice… are you with Captain America, Iron Man, or choosing to stay neutral? The possible future of the Marvel universe rests on your choice!

Act 0.5: Doing The Right Thing (Due August 2016?)

“…At Midnight tonight, everything this newspaper has ever campaigned for officially becomes law.”

You made your choice. Now with the Super Human Registration Act looming, a underground group of secret heroes are already at war with the government, striving to save lives under their own terms, whilst a growing team of loyalists attempt to reel them in peacefully. Experience your first tests under your chosen side! Join the Anti Regs in an attempt to rescue troubled youth. Assist the Pro Regs in capturing a dangerous drunken vigilante. Or as a neutral party stop one of your oldest enemies in a fight to the finish! Explore new bases of operation with your fellow heroes, including those you convinced to your own cause! Gain a new suit or don a familiar one! And make a difficult choice in the name of registration… But remember, at midnight, everything changes forever.

(Future acts to be revealed)


i doubt you will be able to use Marvels Copywrite Characters and still get published thats why all of the Cog & HG are Original works


Which is why it’s a ‘fan project’ and not a COG thing. I’m not making any money from this, it’s all for fun because of my love for CYOA’s and Marvel. :slight_smile:


ok, but maybe you could create a new character within the marvel universe then technically your not copywriting.


Their universe is just as copyrighted as their characters.

Heck, this is one of the two companies that hold the trademark to the word “Superhero” and won’t let anyone else use it.

@derekmetaltron, I don’t know how tolerant Marvel is of fanfic, but unless you know they’re generally happy with it, you should be ready for your game to get taken down, whether or not you’re trying to make any money off of it.


or create a entirely new universe together, and who knows it may just become more famous than Marvel after all it wasn’t famous in a day (but they did become well known)


I think you two are possibly over stressing certain aspects of this project of mine. It’s not being made for profit, and is basically like any sort of fanfiction one sees on or ArchiveOfOurOwn, where fans show their love for their specific fandoms with their own takes in writing, same as we have fanart or occcasionally fan films (though those tend to be in a slightly greyer area). What differs here is that this is interactive, coming under the CYOA style of fiction writing. It’s not going to be published on Choicescript or anything like that.

Marvel seems to be perfectly tolerant of fan fiction as they recognize it for what it is… love rather than any kind of active threat to their characters. So I should be fine to develop such a thing. :slight_smile: I have seen literally dozens of similar things across the internet including a gigantic still in development one for the Bleach anime with over six hundred chapters you can read here - - so this is by no means a new thing.


Well, the not-for-profit aspect wouldn’t be relevant if Marvel were anti-fanfic (as some copyright holders are). But as I said,

and you seem pretty sure that they are, so more power to you. :slight_smile:


As far as I know Disney (since let’s face it Marvel answers to Disney now) don’t have an issue with fan fiction. It’s virtually impossible to control anyway since you would basically be saying ‘don’t be creative and have a fan base whatsoever’ if they did, which is basically SOPA at its worst. Point is, I love those guys for the most part and I have no desire to step on the toes of the actual comics at this precise moment, I’m just creating a piece of interactive fan fiction with my fav hero Spidey and much of the characters connected to him.


yeah but sometimes people who have made a certain thing copyrighted they tend to make accusations or something like that, but unless they are happy with it there is really no issue on it from my account so i therefore say a big sorry to you.


I would imagine that Marvel aren’t ever likely to press me on it but if they did and there was a valid and fair reason for it I am certain I would take it down, albeit with some disappointment. In the meantime I shall be planning and writing it out where I can! :slight_smile: Thanks for the concerns anyway.


Ok, planning is (mostly) done for Act 0 now, so hopefully starting the actual writing from tomorrow, assuming I have the time between watching X-Men Apocalypse and cell group stuff. Right now there’s 400 likely entries for Act 0 alone (and that not including character bio stuff) so I might find completion for next month is rather ambitious… :stuck_out_tongue:


Just created a rough version of a CYOA style cover I got given the core template of, since I liked the idea of having one! Up at the top page there. Unfortunately my imaging skills aren’t great and since I use Word and Sniping tool to get stuff it’s smaller than I would like but ah well… Hoping to get some actual writing started, though I’ll be away over the weekend…

EDIT: Oh, didn’t realize clicking on it makes it bigger, nice!


Quick update, so I have been re-planning the structure of the whole game and that of Episode 1 is just about sorted and the most important thing I’ve elected to do is change how the Neutral side works. The fact is that of the three sides you’re supposed to be able to join near the start, Neutrality is kind of a debatable one and hardest to map out, and more importantly was liable to have its own missions within early episodes, unlike Anti and Pro who are basically missions from opposite angles.

So I’m doing something different with it and removing it… initially. Basically what I mean is you won’t be able to pick neutrality straight away, there’s going to be an important moment about halfway through the whole game (which should be taking place early in Episode 4) where you get to question your earlier decisions and elect either to stick with your side, switch or choose to join a selection of neutral heroes… and in the case of the latter this allows for a whole different section of game where you operate behind the scenes more. It’ll still require some planning on how the neural stance works for the latter part of the game but I think it will work better in the long run, and make Episode 1 and 2 easier to write and plan.

One bit of positive news which this opens up is that Episode 2 will now have two missions instead of just one for you to choose from for your chosen side., both of which see the Anti Reg and Pro Reg sides opposing each other and can be played from both angles, and feature different heroes to team up with or battle! More on this when I get to Episode 2, I think.

The game’s been worked on over on Choose Your Story presently, though once that’s completed and coded I’m hoping to have a version on Inklewriter and maybe Text Adventures too. Other locations as well although those are liable to be much more text based…


If I was Spider-Man in Civil War? Hmm… I’d tell Tony Stark to get stuffed when he asks me to unmask, find Mac Gargan and introduce him to The Other, and rectify one of the worst mistakes in my superhero career. #BlackSuitIsBestSuit

OK, OK, so that’s more along the lines of what Kaine or Otto would do… but I can live with that.


Lol, well you might get the chance to do some of those things, in fact you can choose to be Anti Reg from the very start if you want to, and I’m hoping to give the player the choice of whether Peter unmasks, whether they’re Pro OR Anti Reg (since I have an idea in mind about how that might happen and how it could come about).

As for the black suit, that will definitely be part of the game in some form or other, though I don’t wish to say where just yet.


Something I’ve haven’t mentioned yet as I design here by the way is dialogue with other characters, which is being heavily influenced by Telltale, so having three choices or a silence option. Here’s an example (this is something I wrote on spec, don’t expect to see this exactly in the story)…

“Give it up, Spider-Man, we know you’re going to make the sensible choice here.” Venom grins menacingly at you between those huge teeth, Betty still vainly to break his grip as the monster backs slowly from you towards the open window.

1. "You hurt her, you’ll regret it."
2. "You don’t have to do this.
3. "She’s better than you are.
4 “…”

The hope is that in the game you can choose how your Peter and Spidey responds in a similar way to how Dragon Age 2 had the personality system, where Hawke can be Diplomatic/Helpful, Humorous/Charming or Direct/Aggressive, and how you can choose your type of Bruce and Batman in Telltale’s Batman. So if you want a more friendly Spidey, a quibbing Spidey or a more aggressive Spidey, you should be covered in most dialogue (though I don’t wish to actively label each one as what they are).


Seeing as how Venom (Mac Gargan) was a member of the Thunderbolts at the time, and IIRC the Thunderbolts were on the Pro-Registration side, I’d be sad if we didn’t get to tangle with him as part of the Anti-Registration team.


You should be pleased then since Venom can be part of the story from Episode 1! I’m sorting out the question of the Thunderbolts and whether to have them and the Punisher debut earlier than in the original comic story, because I want to set stuff up in Episode 3 to allow for some flexibility in how that particular episode can end (and how in turn that impacts the start of Episode 4)…


That sounds excellent!