Yeti's Parole Officer bugged decision (SPOILER ALERT!)

I started a new play through today when I came to the chupacabra mansion I found talking to the guard reset me back to the investigating the factory and the old haunts options. I tried making different choices to enter the mansion but they all resulted in a reset.

Got that bug as well. Only broke out of the cycle after I chose to go it alone. Second time around, I picked a different option and didn’t get that bug.

Interesting, because I tried all the options and it wouldn’t let me advance. When I restarted the bug was still there. Off to CS I go then.

Can you give me more information? Like, the text of the specific #options you choose in the scene?

The options where the bug occured for me were the: “Explore the criminals old haunts” “Investigate alone” "Go to abandoned factory and “Visit the mob leader mansion”. The bug pops up during these particular options.

what do you mean, “during”?

Is that the sequence of #options that you choose, and then you encounter the bug at the end of that sequence?

I mean when I check the option then hit the bar at the bottom to progress with that choice the bug kicks in and resets me back first arriving at that part of the story.

I don’t understand.

When you check which #option?

Sorry trying to explain the bug as best I can. I would check one them then I would get reset. Then I would try another and that would result in a reset. The resets happen no matter what I picked.

For me, the bug happened when I first selected to talk to the Chupacabra boss first and then I failed that check. After that, I went around doing other things and each time, it sent me back to the boss. I selected a different option for the boss talk, then the game asked me about how I felt about Lucy before sending me back to the first three options (talk to the boss, talk to others and sneak inside the factory). I broke out of this loop the fourth time when it asked me about how I felt about Lucy and I choose the option to go it alone. Hope this helps.