Write like Hemingway!

I know some people have difficulty writing, either misspelling words or misuse of grammar. Often this is because English is not their first language. Whatever the reason, I thought people might like a tool to help them with their writing. For now it’s just online, but that shouldn’t be a problem for most.

Edit: Forgot to mention, you can paste entire scenes into it, code and all, and it will keep your formatting.

The address is www.hemingwayapp.com

It’s useful too if even you think you’re a decent writer already. There’s always something to be improved–an overdose of adverbs, for example, or having all your sentences structured in a certain way. I’d say to give it a shot if you’re editing a story and want to get out the glaring errors before giving it out the public or someone else.

I love this idea - I would just warn, be careful. I played with it a little bit, and the following paragraph was rated ‘Grade 1 - Good’:

I was going to the stores for the shopping and I saw no more goods. I goes home for cat foods. Now I goes no where’s again. Why driving is so hard with crazy street lights?

So… much as I love the idea, it’s perhaps not a comprehensive editor.

@Fiogan It isn’t. Check its scoring found below using that paragraph:

0 of 4 sentences are hard to read.
0 of 4 sentences are very hard to read.
0 adverbs. Aim for 0 or fewer.
0 words or phrases can be simpler.
0 uses of passive voice. Aim for 0 or fewer.

Going by that I can say it judges by coherency and repetition but it doesn’t check for grammar. The writer would have to work for that or use a word processor. It isn’t a solution to all your writing problems, but it is handy.

@Fiogan I do hope that’s from an upcoming game you’re making. If so, please do keep that kind of syntax. :slight_smile:

Thank you, @fantom.

Out of topic: Are there many CoG/ Hosted Games writers who are not native English speakers?

Not including you :P? I think the author of The Land of Three Classes, as well as the author of The Nightmare Maze/Sons of the Cherry, and Myth Thrazz, the author of Imprisoned. (Myth’s name is the only one I could remember off the bat)