Wrestling game help needed

Very new to this, but I’m moving along quite nicely now. I’ve got my startup page sorted & a few other pages written with options. All good so far, now onto the issues.

The variables I have set up, don’t show up on the stats screen. I’ve set up the mygame.js file with variables for Strength, Power, Stamina, Speed, Ability & Guile. If I remove the existing variable for leadership, the stats screen crashes - if I leave it, it just shows stats for leadership & strength.

Over the next few pages I have set up several options & want each choice to have an impact on the base line variables. I think it should be something like

#age 17 to 22
$ability +2
$guile -2

Would that work ? Do I need to solve the problem in the mygame file first ?

For a fix of your current code:

    #Age 17 to 22
        *set ability + 2
        *set guile - 2

For more info on setting up the stats screen, have a look at this:

You need to edit the file “choicescript_stats.txt” and you’ll see how on that wiki page. If you run into any trouble, feel free to ask :slight_smile:

Thanks Alex, much appreciated, I’m sure I’ll be back again soon :wink:

OK back again with the next minor niggle.

I’ve set up the ‘start up’ file & all the user defined variable files (nice & easy). Now I’ve got to a point in the story where choosing an option sends you to one of 4 different files. I’m pretty sure I need to use the goto command, rather than finish.

However when I attempt to run the program I get the following error message for each of the options

bad label

I’m assuming I’m missing something simple. I have the code written thus.

Flicker – Flicker is an ultra lightweight rookie, just turned 18 & a paltry 175lbs & only 5 foot 11 tall. He is quick but lacks power.
*goto Flicker fight
Gorgeous Gus – One of lifes pretty boys but too cowardly to make a career out of his natural grappling ability. 25, 6 foot 2 & 210lbs
*goto Gus fight
The Friendly Golfer - An ex-Professional Golfer, who fancies his chances of a new career in the fight game. Wears plus 4s and brings a golf club to ringside & he is not scared to use it 27, 6foot 4 & 195lbs
*goto TFG fight
Sabretooth – Being built up as the next big star of VWF, but the Sri Lankan youngster still has much to prove. The Sabretooth tiger tattoo on his back is fiercesome (19, 6 foot 1 & 235lbs)
*goto Sabretooth fight

I have set up the new files & added them into the ‘mygame.js’ folder & I’ve checked the spelling & spaces & everything matches up.

As always any help gratefully received

Labels can’t have spaces or capitals so try this

*goto sabretooth_fight

I think I’ve cracked it by using goto_scene & leaving the label as was.

Thanks anyway.

Make sure you have it written like @Nocturnal_Stillness has it in both your code and in mygame.js, but if you are trying to send it to a new vignette and not just a label in the one you are in, I believe you have to use *goto_scene sabretooth_fight.

Edit: Oop, you got it :slight_smile:

By the way, it’s a good thing to divide a CS game into more separate scenes, but make sure that you don’t make it so that every scene only has a choice or two (thus causing many loading screens between choices).

CS ? (apologies I’m new to this)

Most of my scenes will have 4 or 6 options.

CS = ChoiceScript

Doh !

by the way, it doesn’t like the underscore with the file name & doesn’t seem concerned with the capital.


goto_scene Sabretooth fight

works. I’ll stick with that for now & unless there’s a problem later it will stay that way.

Thanks again for your help.

Labels and scenes can have capital letters, but variables can’t. Also, labels can’t have spaces (and if I’m right they can’t start with a number, although they can contain one)

OK time for something a little more complicated.

I’m coming out of a multiple choice page & want to set up an either or result on the next page followed by a series of new options.

I think I need to create labels to do this

This is what I’ve tried (and failed with)

*if win_points = 6
#You’ve made a really good start, an enjoy a two minute spell of dominance in the match. Your controlling the pace & tempo of the match but you’re not really slowing him down. With your confidence growing you decide it’s time to try one of your favoured moves.
*goto win_loss
*elseif win points = 5
#Nerves have got the better of you, you’re going to have to up your game, & do it quickly, if you’re going to have any chance of winning this match & getting your shot. With this in mind, you get a renewed will to win. You grit your teeth & decide to try something different
*goto win_loss

*label win_loss
No time to waste, make your pick…

I then have a series of different choices. The first part of the code seems to work OK. but there is a problem when I get to the 2nd *choice line - any ideas ? The error message points to the error being on the 2nd *choice line.

I’m also thinking of putting out a beta test/demo early next week, when the first round of fights are completely coded (approx. 25-30% of the full game/story/adventure. Any advice on the best way to do this (for free - ie no cost to me).

Most people use dropbox for their games which is free.

What is the error message you get?

Edit: actually you don’t need the first choice

*if winpoints =6
__*goto winning
__*goto losing

*label winning

Choice here

*label losing

Choice here

Here you can see how to add your game on Dropbox:
Publishing your Game

Thanks for the replies

@Nocturnal_Stillness I want both initial options to point to the same batch of choices. ie I want them to point to the same label - is the label superfluous ?

The initial options are as a result of the early stage of the fight. I then want to update the reader on his progress (either good or bad) then send him to the 2nd fight stage. Then I intend to send them to the final stage of the fight

@AlexCosarca Thanks I’ll take a look at that later.

@AKNel1 this is the way what NS suggested would appear if you took your game and turned it into a bunch of branches
+ - this represents your main thing.
/ \
* *- these are your *if win points results
\ /
= - this is where you select your finisher.

I’m curious about this because I worked in the wrestling business for three years, so I just have a couple of questions.

Are you going to keep kayfabe with your story?

Can you work as either a face or heel?

What other aspects besides the match will there be? The reason I ask is, many great stories I’ve heard from the guys were stories from the road. A lot of guys had choices to make on the road. Some came out of them fine, but other guys such as Jake Roberts ended up with serious addiction problems.

If you are considering using any of that, let me know and I’d be happy to help you out. Unfortunately, I’ve no idea how to help with coding though.

@ Headhunter :confused: sorry not getting any of that

@drcynic - interesting, I assume you’ll be interested in the beta test when it’s ready. No idea what ‘kayfabe’ is - I suspect it may be predictive text gone mad ?

Some of the characters in the game will be faces, some heels - the playing character will likely be neutral as this is my first go at writing/coding I’m trying to keep it fairly simple.

If all goes well, I plan to release a follow up which might explore the face/heel scenario. With regards to the addiction scenario, the plan at this stage is for a fairly sanitised game world. There is a back story but the main focus this time is to win the Tournament.

I am very interested in your ‘behind the scenes’ knowledge & tales. Maybe that is better kept to private messages or e/mails though.