Issue with the Stats Screen

I’m having trouble with getting the stats to show up on the stats screen. I type in exactly what it says on the Choice of Games website,

percent leadership
percent strength

just to try and get the hang of it, and it displays an error message. It says ‘non-existent variable: leadership’. Is there something I’m missing? Any help is appreciated!

Do you have the variable named “leadership”? Is it a numerical variable?

Leadership is the variable name. You need to put that as

*create leadership 10 (or 50 for opposed stats)

In your startup file below title and author, before the game text.
Also the name does not have to be leadership it can be whatever you see fitting for whats is needed as long as it is one word or has _ in it.


Has helped me greatly getting started, in addition to the tutorial here.


as the error message says the variable named leadership doesn’t exist i.e. you have to create one

Put *create leadership 30 in startup.txt

NOTE : *create can be used only in starting of startup.txt

Is it the same for opposed variables? Do you type them the same way you do with regular ones?

opposed looks like this:

   opposed_pair Conventional

You only need a
*create conventional (or what have you)

on the note of opposed stats:
Folks, can the display names for opposed stats be changed like with the others and if yes, how?

One variable for a pair of opposed variables.

*create good 85 = 85% good X 15% bad

Just do it

   percent superspicystat
      The Left Stat
      The Right Stat