Would you prefer to leave your love one at home for safety reason, or would you prefer to bring them along for a dangerous journey ?

I am just wondering which option is consider a better or “good” choice when you know you are going for a dangerous mission/place/battle , and that you need to make a choice of whether to allow your love interest to accompany you…

I had heard or read that most people would prefer to request their love one to stay “at home” or “HQ” with the main reason of “to put them out of harm’s way” or "to protect them from danger " …

However , i also wonder… is it really fair to ask your love one to worry about your safety and condition everyday by staying away from the main danger, unknowing whether you will come back one day… i would think if the love one doesn’t possess any survival skill , it seems wise to leave them at home … but if the love interest possess equal fighting skill or survival skill, to leave them out of harm’s way seems to distrust their ability and unfair to them , similarly if the love interest request us to stay out of their problem … most of us will choose to ignore the RO’s advice as well :slight_smile:

I am asking for your opinion because at the end of Choice of Rebel, the MC had the choice of whether to bring along a companion with them to a "dangerous destination " , i had read that some would prefer to leave their companions at home in order to “protect them” , but if the companion is a love interest … would it really be fair to leave him/her alone for safety reason , while at the same time worrying about our well beings everyday ?

Of course such circumstance may happen to any other games as well , for us to make a choice…


leave my love ones I care for my friends and family with my life

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Haha i agree with your point too… but imagine if our partner ask us to stay at home, i don’t think we will agree right? :slight_smile:


I found the option of let them behind selfish as hell. Like I want you to be there hanging alone and worried because I feel i am better than you and you can’t protect yourself. Even worse, when like in Choice of Rebels An entire empire is pursuit your men anyway. Logic say safety is being together with people you trust … Myself as women I would literally torn with any guy that came with that machist bullshit I DO THAT TO PROTECT YOURSELF… WHO HAVE TELL YOU I NEED PROTECTION? I AK ABLE TO PROTECT MYSELF THANKS. i want a partner not a Father or a master who want forced me to be in home safe… Probably he wants put me in chains and with a chastity belt.


Leaving them at home can make them a target if you have enemies. I would argue it’s better to take them with you so you at least have a chance to protect them.


Depends how well they can kick ass. If they can then they can definitely come with me if they want.


Tough choice. I would say I would take them with me to have an unforgettable adventure and I feel like @Harroc said at least I could protect them.


Third option: ask if they want to come, and tell them what I expect from the journey.

Going on a dangerous journey without informing your loved ones of the dangers to you is selfish, but so is putting them in harm’s way without telling them what’s going on. Since most of my family and friends are rational, thinking adults, telling them the score is just the right thing to do. And, since they’re rational, thinking adults, they should be the ones to come to their own decision.


I think is clear that you previously has talked about the situation with them. In Choice of Rebels they have been with you fighting an entire year. They know situation exactly as well as you maybe better


Guess I should rephrase it then: if your loved one knows the potential dangers, and is still willing to follow you without hesitation, by all means bring them along. If your loved one does hesitate, or seems unsure of coming along, it’s better not to. Not only from the perspective that them hesitating at an important point can get both of you killed, but because hesitation is a signal that they really don’t want to go on the journey in question.

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When I get to this part of the game I always choose to take the “loved one” with me. The only exception is when I play an MC who gets together with Breden, and doesn’t belive in her being the triator and appointed her as the deputy. In that case I think it would be more important to leave Breden behind to lead the rebels in the MCs place even tho that would leave her worrying for the MC.


I agree with you and others opinion as well, in most hollywood movies or tv series, it is a strange trend that the male protagonist always request their female companion to stay behind the enemy line even if the companion said “i want to follow you”

Like @poison_mara said, if the girl believe she can contribute to the cause, why shouldn’t she be allow to follow?

@Cari-san , yeah on the case of breden , he/she could stay back to lead the cause , and Breden seemed shaken a bit before decided to follow anyway , as compare to Suzanne/Simon who follow without 2nd thought …


As a person playing the game I would prefer to have my companion come with me if only for the extra content.

As a player trying to make consistent decisions i sometimes feel obligated to do the “selfless” thing, which in this case is to leave the companion behind.

I’d be satisfied if the choice to accompany the MC is up to the companion as long as the MC gets to respond/choose how they feel about the companion coming.

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I feel like that is because in lot of such cases, the female companion/love interest is usually unable to really handle the situation they’re about to get into, or just doesn’t take into consideration the actual magnitude of danger (hence it often proves to be the logical decision to leave her behind). It doesn’t really happen in the movies where the female companion is a legitimate badass and is quite capable of holding her own should shit hit the fan.

Personally, I would also make my decision on whether or not to bring a loved one along to such a perilous mission/journey on whether they are fully capable of protecting themselves and tackling all the potential dangers that lie ahead. While that may not be ‘my decision to make’, one must also keep in mind that love is blind, hence the loved one may actually simply not care about herself and wish to come along because they don’t want us to be alone and at risk in such an endeavour, and putting herself (and potentially myself) at risk. If she is a rational person who is ready to put her emotions aside and actually consider what she’s getting into, or is someone who is capable of kicking ass then I’ll leave that decision to her.


The problem is that ALLOW that’s what in most cases machism stereotypes in tv and literature. MALE IS NOT MY OWNER I GO WhERE I FREAKING WANT. It isnot that the male makes me a favor of allow her slave to go. It is so annoying . Same that male complex of WHITE KNIGHT. Real life stories time lol.i know how defend myself, the guy who i was dating back last year high school not In a date two drunken boys in a park tried to make a move. Here goes supper defender to" jump" in my defense… So i ended up fighting for protect super knight and he end with a black eye… And without date. Lol for asshole.


Like an answer above me, I want the character to come with me for extra content

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Depends on what kind of journey it is and the loved ones abilities. If the journey better for me to be alone, then I prefer to leave them and tell them about it or leave a message.

If the journey better if with more than one person, I would consider if they can handle it or not. If can, ask if want to join, if can’t, leave them.


I think the decision, of a partner or RO staying home or not, is his/hers and not mine. I had before chosen them as a partner, so I feel I have to respect their decision. They are grown Up, so they have a right to choose what they want.


I hate to admit it but I would probably disregard all of their skills and feelings because of my fear of them getting hurt or dying. I’m really selfish in that way. I’d rather die myself than to be 'responsible" for a loved one’s dead. Also, I do not want to spend my time worrying about their safety when it is dangerous since keeping myself alive would probably be difficult enough already.

As for the good choice, I don’t really think there is one. Both options have their pro’s and con’s depending on the situation.


Depend on the situation. Is my man a civilian who can’t even swing a fryng pan, or can defend himself? If the answer is “this fryng pan have killed more than most swords” and not “a breath can kill me!” I have no problem. But anyway, I’d ask him. After all is his choice.

Is the situation around? If the guy ask me if I want to go with him, letting me make the choice, good. I didn’t need asking, I’m going anyway, but I appreciate his concern.
If he go with the “you stay at home”: first, the relationship end here. Second, I’m going anyway, because I’m no damsell in distress.

The only reason I can see to leave the loved one at home is if he/she have a very important task that should take priority over the MC.