Would you prefer being told when your stats change?

What do you think of…

There is question going through my head. Would you, as player, like to be remember or told when your stats change at any point?

E.J: You found a puppy running away.
#Kill it
*set evilness %+100 (wow…)
[You are becoming EVIL]
#Let it go
*set evilness %+1 (Okay…)
[You are becoming GOOD]

Because, at some point, you rather like to keep track of what exactly does what you do or if it does change something at the background. Like [The people around you would remember what you have done]

Yet, it would become very repetitive (At every single action that changes your stats) that at some point you would like it to stop.

So what do you guys think about this? Would you make sure that our players are well aware of their stats in-game? Only advise them when something VERY imporant or relevant is done to the stats? Or not advise him/her at all?

Thanks for the replays!

In most games, you are not informed at all, but there are some games that tell you every change and some that let you choose if you want to be notified if your stats change. Also, how does letting a puppy go make you evil? I suppose since you’re not helping him/her?

@TheTrueKing Yeah it was just a dumb example. Thanks for the replay, however what do you think? What would you do if you were making the game?

Let the players choose. More people would be interested.

It’s an interesting idea to let people choose. Does require some forward planning though, at the point that I’m at it would take a lot of backtracking through. Choice of Robots showed you a lot of the changes and it didn’t seem in the way however most other games don’t and I’ve never found if an issue.

In summary:
I’ve not minded either way and having an option to choose would be interesting but not important enough to rewrite a game for

This is a much discussed topic, without a clear answer. Some people like it, some don’t.
Here’s a link to one of the more elaborate earlier discussions:

(I haven’t got a clue what the huge blushing smiley is doing in the link, by the way.)