Your thoughts on labeling choices

I wanted to see how people felt about Labeling choices on how they effect status.

For instance

“A thug comes up to you at a bar so you”

  1. Fight him [INCREASE STRENGTH]


Does it annoy you to see the game telling you how your actions effect your status? Maybe it makes things more clear for you? Or maybe you want to see it in another way? Your thoughts?

This is a really good question. Related to it is “Do you want an indicator of what the results of your choice were, like Strength increased?”

Personally, I would rather be a little unsure of what the results of my actions would be.

It depends on the type of game. It works for CYOA that lean toward game but doesn’t work as well in narrative-centric stories.

I agree with @JimD. I started my WiP with little “Your relationship with so-and-so has increased!” messages all over the place but I ended up deleting them all because they broke up the narrative with glaring stat reminders and I view my WiP as more of a story than a game.

I think @Lucid is working on some sort of toggle that would let the reader turn these type messages off and on.

I’d definitely advise against labeling statups in the manner described in the original post, if only because I’d hope the results of most choices would be more complex then a simple boost to one stat. Plus it encourages experimentation if you’re not immediately sure what effect a choice is going to have.

I’m more in favor of including statup messages in the results screen after the choice, as in Lucid’s “Life of a” series. I know a lot of people feel they break up the flow of the story, but personally I often end up taking myself out of the story even further by jumping to the stats screen and trying map my stat changes by hand. I just never got in the habit of playing naively and letting the stats sort themselves, even in more story-oriented works.

It can be very helpful in the WIPs. In the finished game it depends on the writing style as @JimD said and on wheather all choices influence only one stat.

In the early character generation part it might be useful to know ahead what effect the choices will have on the stats (although a better descriptions than the ones in your example are always possible) but later in the game it’s better to keep effects of choices less obvious.

I like this kind of notice.

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@HornHeadFan Is right, I am giving the option at the beginning of The Lost Heir. Perhaps I’ll make both sides happy? Not as bad as you would think. I just mindlessly go through adding the *if (showstats) and some indents.

What makes it more work is that I loved using the *selectable_if with stats. Now there’s more guessing for the player and I have to write a success/fail scenario every time.

We’ll see how it pans out, if I ever get enough time to finish alpha testing it. :smiley:

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hm…well if you get to fight him you should include grappling moves and which moves to use in your fight also dont forget blocking like if they go for a punch then you put up a guard stance so you can switch to attack and guard just giving out suggestions cant think of alot of stuff since this thread just started so just pointing out some basic stuff,up to you if you like my ideas or not.