Would you play a satirical political game?

This is still very much in the ‘idea’ stage at the moment, so it may or may not happen. (I have a list of half finished projects as long as my arm).

If I was to write a satirical “day in the life” type game about a public figure (current main candidates are David Cameron, Rupert Murdoch or Prince Harry), would it appeal to anyone who isn’t me? I’m aware this kind of story isn’t for everyone.

Also, is this something CoG would be prepared to host. I’d be going for wit as opposed to highly offensive. (Obviously though , you can’t do Prince Harry without adult content. And Nazi uniforms).

Maybe instead of using actual figures, you can use thinly-veiled stand-ins?

I would play it if it was done with wit and wasn’t just “haha look at these dumb idiots.” Political satire has merit. Just look at Colbert’s and Stewart’s popularity. Hell, say what you will, but South Park dives into politics and is still popular.

So, yeah, I’d enjoy it.

Absolutely. Give it a go! While I have no authority to speak for CoG, you’re highly unlikely to produce something they wouldn’t be up for hosting…

'Tis possible that a game on political satire would end up being a reflection of the inclinations of the writer in question, rather than an unbiased universal comedic-critique. Thus, irritation would ensue.

If it’s amusing yes. If it’s political spew of your own views (and they disagree with my views) then no. =p

Hot topic for rampant conflict, best leave the genre alone unless you’re absolutely masterful at mocking every political side of the spectrum without appearing biased. For me anyway. And given your three examples, I’m assuming you’d be very pro-left wing/labourite which, would probably put me off even more =p But if I’m wrong, I apologize.

Yeah, I would… Even if they didn’t line up with my social democratic views which are far outside the norm of the U.S. anyway. I’d have fun playing either a right or left wing satirical figure.

As @Farside said, stand-ins are a lot better than actual names, and not just to make things a little more ‘universal’, but also because there is potential legal problems with fictional depictions of real people.

Something along the lines of Conrad’s (Robert De Niro) part in Wag The Dog would be a good way to wrangle the player character in without forcing them into an ideology. As for some things to keep in mind:

  1. Stay away from economics. It’s difficult to joke about, difficult for most people to understand, and it something that everyone has wildly different opinions on. Pretty much the only ‘safe’ economic divide that can be played on is the Green v. Free Trade split (Hippies vs Corporations).

  2. Hit everyone at least once fairly quickly, and try to keep the blows relatively evenly spread between everyone. The more people you’re willing to parody, the more moderate readers see you as, and therefore the less people will ‘knee-jerk’ dislike you for disagreeing with them.

I would play this game.
Especially if it let me mold a Communist government.

Satires are funny, funny is fun, lol I’m down