(WIP) Untitled Late 16th Century Joseon Korea Historical Fiction [v1.01.00] Updated June 7th

The Dashingdon link has been updated, though not all promises have been able to be fulfilled (sorry about that). I will definitely have them polished and ready by the next update.


Nice update though I wish the update was longer in terms of words but all stands well . I would patiently anticipate the next update.

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Glad to see more context with the skills. It certainly helped me to understand more. Looking forward to your next update!


Hey everyone, I am sorry to say that I never reached that intended update again due to unforeseen events and time is running out before my other commitments. So I may finish this next batch of update until sometime next month.

But as a heads up, the next series of updates will be considered [v1.01.01 and so forth] because while the main story won’t be progressing, the historical background sections added in the last update [v1.01.00] are being reworked into fully fleshed individual flashbacks with subplots.

The intended goals are the following
  • Instead of passively learning about these historical events, the reader will know/decide what the MC did during that time;
  • Include dialogue choices and skill checks that better reflect what to expect later in the story (when the war breaks out that is and MC joins the Royal Watch)
  • Get the ball rolling a little faster by creating consequences through the resolution of these subplots;
  • Confine the ‘tutorial’/introduction of this IF to the Prologue instead of having the MC continuously learn new things during Act I (which will kickstart once the MC finally returns home)

Cheers everyone, hope you enjoy the rest of the month.


We would patiently be waiting for the next batch of update and thanks for the info.


Take all the time you need. Don’t worry, we understand if you have other commitments. Good luck with the story :+1: