WIP (Underdog) (7,651 WORDS) Basketball game

With the final buzzer reverberating through the gym, the high school basketball player senses the weight of the moment settling upon his shoulders. The crowd’s roar fades into a tense silence, and all eyes are on him. This is the moment he has trained for, the culmination of countless hours of practice and sacrifice. Will you show them what you’re made of? The question hangs in the air, challenging him to rise to the occasion and prove himself.

Currently, I am still a beginner. As I continue this story, I would like to learn from other people, as this forum is very helpful for someone in need. I appreciate the feedback and support from this community, and I am eager to improve my writing skills with your guidance.

( someone who isn’t likely to win a competition or contest- Underdog)

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Now finally the game :point_down:
( https://dashingdon.com/play/kingboi24212/the-underdog/mygame/ )
Currently, there are only 3,000 words, but don’t worry, there’s more to go." :blush:



There’s not a lot to go off of yet, but there are definitely good bones. My main suggestions would be looking into how to make the choices mesh a bit more smoothly with the static story elements and double check your grammar. I noticed in the small forward section that it was called the “most hardest position.” All in all, solid start, looking forward to more.

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saves are broken, also can you please space out stats? feels jumbled up, and well

there’s potential, so I wish you luck

Thxs I’m working on it rn :grin:

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I just fix it now, thanks for the head up :grin:

This issue only shows up when selecting Power Forward, everything else allows you to carry on.

Thanks for informing me, I’ll work on it rn

Dont drop story has great potential especially since there are barely any basketball or football sports stories

I understand just wanted to know if my story has potential that’s all :grin:

Now you know it does very amazing story upload daily and your good unless something happens in real life ofc

Not a lot to play but bookmark for sure

Story is gonna go far when its more too play

Yes indeed :grin:

gonna wait for more

Working on chapter 1 right now

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Glad you enjoy :grin:

Should I have a school fight in chapter one???

Refreshin my page everytime too do chapter 1 :hugs:

Wow frr thxs thxs :grin::grin: