(WIP) The Fate of the Empire [UPDATED: 29/8/21]

The Fate of the Empire

Riyasan was a republic surrounded by enemies who wished to take her land and resources away from her people and to make them their slaves. Many wars were fought and many became the Martyrs and Heroes of the Republic and among them was a military officer called Augis Sinnah.
He led armies into the heartlands of the enemies, soundly defeating and annexing them but the last destination of his armies was Karcia, the capital of Riyasan.

Augis Sinnah crowned himself Emperor and made the republic into the Empire of Riyasan, marking the beginning of a golden age.

Three hundred years have passed and you are the heir to the Imperial Throne of Riyasan but you don’t live in the golden age.
You live in different times, troubled times and yet, your life is simple. All you have to do is to bear your tutors but one day you will take the reigns of the Empire and you will rule the way you want to.

  • Play as male, female or non-binary
  • Decide between the good of the empire or your own.
  • Decide the fate of your power, will you become the Emperor of the Riyasani or the President of Riyasan or would you remain as an absolute sovereign or maybe you will end up a nobody?
  • Crush rebellions and invasion through gunpowder and bayonets or by diplomacy.
  • Deal with the struggles of multiple organised religions by harmony or an iron fist.
  • Bring back the glory of Riyasan or break your Empire into various kingdoms.
  • Be a Machiavellian or Romantic ruler.
  • Live a life of luxury in your palace or a life of austerity.
  • Learn about the life of the legendary first Emperor; emulate him or disregard him.
  • Advance the rights of minorities or cosy up to the masses by oppressing them.
  • Follow your heart or your mind.

Do all of this in a world of gunpowder and cannons, knowledge and enlightenment, faith and belief and maybe magic?


Lady Hortena de Pella
She is around your age and the niece of your duelling teacher Major Michael de Pella.
She has black shoulder-length hair and a fair complexion.
She enjoys duelling and anything militaristic. She wishes to be the first-ever female officer in the Imperial Army. She also has an eccentric personality.

(this section will be updated as the MC has more interactions with the ROs)


The edit of the 1st chapter is complete. The current length is approx. 16,700 words excluding commands [Dated: 29th August 2021

I have uploaded the first chapter. It is approx 11,130 words long. (excluding code) [Dated: 7th July 2021]

I started writing about this about a month ago, right now the Prologue is done and the length is approx. 3200 words. (excluding code)
I have planned to upload the beginning of the first chapter by the end of June. (Dated: June 23/2021)


All levels of feedback will be appreciated. I am not a native speaker of English so there will be many grammatical mistakes. (especially with commas, I think, I overuse them :slight_smile: )
If you feel there should be more options for reactions or choices or if the characters don’t feel right then please mention it.

Gender norms in Riyasan

Riyasan is set in a Napoleonic world (not completely but mostly) so the gender norms will affect the gameplay. This does not mean that some sections of the story will be locked because of your MC’s gender, just that there will be subtle differences.

You can now play as nonbinary. However, for story reasons, you will need to pretend to either be a man or a woman for the 1st and 2nd chapters. You will be able to declare your true identity in the 3rd chapter.

Here is the link to The Fate of the Empire on DashingDon.

The current length is 16,721 words excluding code.

Thanks to all the members who helped me with my coding problems!


@RedEmperor Your save system doesn’t work.

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It should be working now.


Hey! @RedEmperor

I have read the prologue and it intrigues me. Even the summary of the game which you have provided is very interesting.

My only suggestion will be to add brown skin tone in the skin tone options. Apart from it, it looks good to me.

Really look forward to read more chapters :slight_smile:

Thanks for reading and may God bless you


Intereasting prolouge, just please, you butchered some ‘ares’ and ‘is’, i hope the empire path wont be the evil path
Over all. Godspeed and goodluck


Thanks! @Aditya_Baishya @Javor
I will add the brown skin tone option.
There will be no objective built in moral compass in the game. You can do anything and the characters will make up their own mind according to their values regarding morality, so the Empire would be evil to some while some other form of government will be evil to others.
At the end of the day, you will have the final judgment on what is moral. (since you are the Sovereign and player)

I will fix the grammatical mistake in the upcoming days. It seems my sleep deprived proof-reading wasn’t that effective.


So far this seems really promising. Is this going to be more of a management based game or more of a plot/character driven game? I haven’t played many CoGs/HGs where you play as the ruler of a place that aren’t heavily management based, so it’d be nice if this was more focused on plot and characters.


The game is going to be 16+ but I may have to change it to 18+ since it will deal with some heavy issues. As for the romances I don’t see myself writing explicit scenes.

This will not be heavily management based or even heavily stats based.(some parts will be but management will be used like salt)
I, personally dislike such games. The choices and plot (but no plot armour) will play the major role as I intend to make this quite branchy with various endings to sub plots and the main plot.


this is what we need more medieval or noble stories without any magic or dragons


This sounds very interesting and I will definitely read it. I love games where you can be a ruler and shape you kingdom.

Since there will be quite a lot of romance options are you planing any poly routes?


its great story I love it when you get to rule a empire


Oh yes there will be poly routes (not for all RO).


I like the time period and the implementation of the Shura (especially due to my arab and ex-muslim background) but i have to ask one obvious question and one less so,

  1. Can we restore the republic ?
  2. Are we ever going to get a religious and political (as in system of governance and ideology) and will it include a map of the story’s nations ?

great story and good luck my friend!


Interesting game!


Yes.Probably.Most likely, but i like the thought of actually having power


Shoutout to having saves right off the bat :blush:


Yes, you could restore the republic(some characters think that such an outcome is inevitable).

As for religion, this game will have a lot things dealing with it and I think for you it is will very interesting as one of the major Riyasani religions is partially based on Islam.
I named it Shura because Pakistan’s legislative body is called Majlis-e-Shura.

You should thank @Bulk_Biceps for reminding me :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:.


I have some feedback for you. Right at the start of the game in the description part you write:


You take a look at your hair. They are —

It should be It is

You focus on the texture of your hair. Your blond are

It should be *You blond hair is

Your wavy blond hair are

Here should be hair is

Besides that I really liked this first chapter and I can’t wait to see what will happen next!


Will there be a way to turn the empire into a constitutional monarchy?


Thanks! I will fix them in the next update.
The Empire currently is de jure constitutional monarchy, de facto the Sovereign rules absolutely.
In your playthrough, you can give more power to the Shura to make it truly, a constitutional monarchy. (like establishing the House of Commoners and allowing the Shura to propose laws)