(WIP) Slayer of Evil

My name is Ivailo and I am the author of The Path of Light, Dancing with Demons, Twin Flames, Spacing Out and Knight of the Fellowship.

I have finished working on my new game Slayer of Evil, in which you play a badass female warrior and magic wielder who tries to save a planet she comes about in her explorations from the evil that threatens to enslave it. You can expect to face shadow beings, angels, succubi and vampires, and even obtain the blessing of the Forgotten Goddess.

The game is 55 000 words, including a short bonus story.

Link to DashingDon: https://dashingdon.com/play/mayday/slayer-of-evil/mygame/index.php?cb=50646

P.S.: I managed to find quite a few typos. They have been removed and the files have been updated.


Sounds neat, but is the game genderlocked?

Yes, since there have been no games with a gender-locked female MC, I thought it might be nice to write one.


Haven’t read it entirely yet but the third person perspective doesn’t really seem so… engrossing. I mean it doesn’t feel so smooth when reading through… Hope you can understand what I mean. :slight_smile:

Edit- also some error-ish stuff

In every text with MC’s name there’s the extra $

$Astra enters the huge inner yard and her periphery vision acknowledges the different buildings cuddling into each other and dominated by the keep.



Thank you @AmericanShakespeare.

I know that it third person is not what most readers are used to. I guess I just wanted to experiment and see how things go.


A bit of a promo description:

Unleash the power and magic of the Divine Feminine and become the bane of evil entities. Discover a world of sword and magic and take its protection from a shadowy force as your own destiny. Prevail over dangers and discover friends among those who call themselves demons. Awaken their Forgotten Goddess and wield her power as your own. Challenge the establishment of the false light. Claim the Prelate’s tiara… or serve its wicked reign.


Are you locked into a relationship with Netho?


Relationships are not the important part of the game. Netho is the eternal partner of the MC and his love for her is unconditional. That being said, while she is still stuck in a place of not remembering much, she can have a bit of fun with one of the royal guards.

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So, I pretty much maxed out Physique and Magic, why am I loosing to this shadow thing that attacks the castle? It seems like I’m being unfairly punished for not having lockpicking skills…

One of the reasons might be that your energy reached 0 (or below).

i think the story is interesting and i agree that there’s a shortage of gender-locked female story.
i found a small error

the option “get close to the women” mixed with “talk to the hag” when my stealth isn’t high enough.

imo the Will, Magic, and Charm stats feels a bit useless since the stats needed to avoid death when facing the shadow being are physique/marksmanship/lockpicking.

Thank you very much, @blob. I think I should include you in the “Thank you” notes when the game comes out, so you can tell me how exactly you should be referred to there.

There was a missing *else line that lead to two labels mixing together. It has been fixed.

You really got me thinking about Will, Magic and Charm. Destroying the shadow being is not the only objective of the game, so I guess I am happy with the usage of Will and Magic. But something had to be done with Charm.

Now, there is a small charm requirement that is needed to romance Roland (and an achievement has been added to commemorate that experience). He is kicks so much ass that I decided to lower the damage requirement for defeating the shadow being since now his help is harder to obtain.

Defeating Deathrose and Liandra now gives Charm bonuses instead of Magic.


!!! it’s too much! i’m just a simple blob…

i write them because i got…frustrated after dying several times when facing the shadow, hehe. i see it as strange, that i collect many magic points but unable to use magic against the shadow…

i…i can’t do that to netho ._.

i find it funny, considering the title :laughing:

typos and error

i can choose the option again


i can choose the option again




brings her

remove ‘the’






mc’s sarcasm is hilarious :laughing: but it feels a little out of character since she speaks formal english before…

i think ‘Astra asks’ can be deleted since the other options don’t have it

I am quite surprised but I do recall certain pieces of a puzzle


i think this needed a line break

me and the girls summoning forgotten goddess

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Can I break up with Netho or kill him?

@blob , thank you very much, your help has been invaluable. I fixed the typos you pointed out. The problem with both places where you can take make the same choice again is that there is no way to combine the *hide_reuse and *selectable_if functions.

I am curious why you died at the battle with the shadow being. Was it because of entering the battle with 0 or less energy or because of low damage. I may add an extra point or two of energy in the beginning, if that is needed. Now with the new requirement of only 4+ points of damage, I think the problem might be the energy.

I can also add the damage variable to the stats screen just for the purposes of knowing what happens to it.

And lol at the picture. The Forgotten Goddess is much more beautiful :slight_smile:

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I have never considered that, but I think their love is indestructible.

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it’s idiocy :joy: it’s when you originally need to deal 6 dmg, i didn’t imprison/kill the smaller creature, i didn’t get the rats help, i didn’t romance roland. just the fairy and the priest. i actually have 4 energy at the battle. also i boldly approached the smaller shadow being without enough physique & marksmanship (i tend to focus on just one, marksmanship).

it’s the thought of summoning her with 3 demonesses, while holding hand, making a circle, and with singing that makes me thought of that picture :joy:

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Well, it was actually 6+ damage. Now with 4+ I hope that will happen less often.

The problem with Energy is that originally visiting the haunted/abandoned inn and the cathedral were not available, and there you can lose a few points.

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I am not sure if it is the right place to announce that, but I’ve just made a Patreon page related to my next WiP Return to Destruction:



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