[WIP] Night of the Winter Star

How old is MC if I may ask?

My mind was thinking late teens. So somewhere between 17-20 years old.

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Apologies everyone for the delayed update. I took an unintended hiatus, but will be looking to get back into things momentarily!

The actual update will arrive when I feel ready. Instead of simply updating what I have, I hope to get a couple additional scenes in so there’s more things for review.

With that said, hope to update this soon(ish)!


Sorry, only just saw your question when thus thread floated back to the most recent threads.
Pacing is notoriously difficult to get right. The best advice is too try to put yourself in the place of the reader. You have obviously created a world backdrop, and when writing it is so east to forget that there are things you know that the reader doesn’t. You want to mix in world-building without excessive info-dumping. Pacing is also as much about the mood and tone of what is happening. For example, a ballroom scene needs to reflect character dialogs against the elegant social back-drop and is therefore medium-paced. while the accusitory manner in which the mc is accosted should be reflected as action scene; an abrupt interuption of the ballroom scene.
It is a tough balance to reach, but not impossible. My process is to free write a scene, decide what works, what needs refining, what needs explaining, ect., and then rewrite. I hope this helps.