WIP: Fallen Hero 2: Retribution - updated 27 april 2019 (pre-adult version)

omg wow how did you get that Steel having a crush on Ortega? I replayed the game and didn’t get it

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I always chose the friendliest options with Steel, including backing down and apologising when it was an option, plus my MC is romancing Ortega. Then after the therapy session, I choose to phone Steel to meet up with him and Spoon - at one point after the MC asks why he was so suspicious about them, he says he used to think you were spying for the government on the Rangers. Part of that is how close the MC would stick to Ortega - if you pick the option “he was seducing me”, then Chen will flinch and the MC will realise Chen had/has a crush on Ortega. Then they have a nice long discussion about that, and Steel’s general love life. Honestly, it was one of my favourite moments in the update, even if it means you miss out on making out with Ortega.


You only get that if Ortega is male, btw. If you play with Julia, Chen doesn’t get a crush.


you suuuuuure? cose I always play with Julia…and Steel did…

though I picked the friendship path…he also was gay in my story :sweat_smile:

now you made me doubt…gonna make another run and see for myself :grin:

Yeah, if Ortega is male, then you get Chen crushing on him, if you play with f!Ortega, then he didn’t crush on her, instead, he talks to you about his boyfriend back at the army.


but wasn’t he supposed to be a romance ? or is he locked to male romance only?

(I dont wanna romance him! I’m #TeamOrtegaforlife :rofl:)

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Well, here you have the code part:


*if ortega_gender = “man”
*goto ortegacrush
“A technicality.” Chen’s smile is hard and brittle and you catch something hovering behind it. Slipping out. The tiniest crack in his stony surface. You wouldn’t have caught it if you weren’t looking.

Not you this time. Not your smile. Something in that hint of concern for Ortega. Something more concern. Jealousy?

"!{swear}." You don't continue, you just stare at Chen because did you read {him} right? “How long have you had a crush on ${him}?”

“Did you read my mind?” The accusation would be threatening if he wasn’t cradling a dog.

“I read your face.” You give him a long look, and to your surprise he looks away. Accepts your denial. Huh. That is new.

“You read wrong.” He has quickened his pace, but you are faster and he is carrying a dog.

“Did I?” You step in front of him, arms crossed. “Did I really?” Because this would explain so many things. Why Steel kept acting the way he did back in the day. Was he jealous?
*set steelortegacrush true

As per the question, he will be a romance for nb and f!Sidesteps too, but it will have some content to address the fact that we are not male, since Steel identifies as gay.

Same happens with Herald, for example, if you play with male Sidestep, he still gets the feels for you even if he was never with a man an never felt attracted to one.


ah so its a code error? cose thats what I got too…and that to me…is he is crushing on my mc…eeek! :rofl:

Oh wait, so Chen crushed on Julia on your playthrough? Because I am pretty sure that is an error, maybe you should tell Malin :joy:

no ! he didnt! (or he be dead way ahead of the story) :rofl:

But I got the code you showed even though my mc was gay and with Julia .

Inspiration time :grin:


Mc: I just wanna have my revenge godddamnit! whats with everyone crushing on meh!

Ortega walk in

Ortega: you okay?

Mc: This is all your fault!

Ortega : what did I do ?

Mc: Nvm that! it is still your fault !!!

Ortega: whatever it is…let me make it up to you!

Mc: yeah…ok . Lets go have a drink then :unamused:

sometime later

Ortega: feel better ? you forgive meh now?

Mc: yeah I guess I for-…

ding ding ding mc cellphone get swarmed with texto

Herald Texto: Need more training plz comeeeeeeee…my ABS need your expertise
chen Texto: Spoon miss you…and yes just…cough…spoon
Lady Argent Texto: Where are you miserable ass! I need a rematch !

Mc: on second though…nope . still your fault!
Ortega: I don’t even know what I did :sob:


Ah shit, that’s my error, I copied the text if you play with a male Sidestep :joy:

Now is fixed, sorry :stuck_out_tongue:

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So let me get this right , if you are romancing Ortega and female…Steel is crushing on Ortega ? OMG…:rofl: I didnt have a good reason to take him down before…but now…it gonna be priceless !

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Well, he’s crush is kind of “gone” by the time the books take place, but it still stings. And also, he never crushes on Julia, and that’s who you are romancing, right? So, yeah, Steel won’t crush on Julia, just on Ricardo.



well wont stop me from crushing him for crushing on mah Julia a long time ago :rofl:

But… but he didn’t :joy: He has no interest in females at all until a f!Sidestep wants to romance him lol


minor details! :sweat_smile:

you know whats not fun ? someone giving you a reason to crush them. Herald is like that , he just beg you to crush him . So you have to pretend you are enjoying (and part of you does enjoy crushing him) but it leave not that satisfied…(well depand on the day :rofl:)

But whats really really fun ? is coming up with exuses to crush someone like Steel .

before the great revelation , the only exuse I had was…he was military…he is boring…he is way too down to earth…he is too suspicious of our suspicious activity…

now I can add that to my list ! :smirk:


Soo Park. Park Soo. 박수. 수박. lol, hope he wasn’t Korean, 'cause he’d’ve been teased non stop. Oh no wait, he is. ㅋㅋㅋ


I want to get rid of Steel first because I don’t want him to have a hulk buster by the time I meet him xD


So I don’t knowing this has been brought up yet or if it’s supposed to be there but all the variables for characteristics are self imputed.
Like here


And here

And there are more.

Like if it’s supposed to be like that alright, but could we get like a sense of what its supposed to be for a average charcter or something?


I just love the Steel update. There’s something about the Steel scenes that makes me want my MC to hang out with him. In a totally platonic way. Since the two of them don’t swing to each others way. Or maybe it’s because Spoon is there.