WIP: Fallen Hero 2: Retribution - updated 27 april 2019 (pre-adult version)

Consider this: You learn your friend hadn’t been dead for the past seven years, and the last you saw them they jumped out a window (and possibly tried to blow their brains out). They tell they have enemies. They refuse to elaborate. They’re clearly in mental distress. They’re extremely paranoid, defensive, and you suspect they don’t have much of a life outside of whatever interactions they have with you. Then, you learn that they die… again.

You telling me you wouldn’t be suspicious after all of that?

That may arouse some suspicion, but my immediate thought is not going to be that the MC faked their death, from the information that you gave me the far more likely conclusion I would draw is that those enemies had something to do with it, and all the mental distress and paranoia were cause by the MC’s fear of those enemies, and eventually those enemies ended up killing the MC, if Ortega investigated a bit further he may find out that the MC was a Re-gene and naturally he would conclude that those enemies were the farm.

Plus we are talking about Ortega, an Ortega who is not suspicious of the MC would not find anything suspicious at all, as within Ortega’s mind the MC being the villain is about as real as pigs flying, even with an Ortega that is suspicious, being confronted with direct evidence that the MC is the villain he would still be in a state of denial and would refuse to acknowledge such a possibility. So even if the MC does a shitty job at faking their death and leaves a ton of evidence behind, Ortega’s immediate conclusions in any circumstance is not going to be that the MC faked their death.

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Hahah honestly from you description I wouldn’t be suspicious at all. If anything it sounds like it would be super easy for the MC to make that look like a suicide. I mean even if he wanted to make it elaborate, if your playing as a mob boss you could even make it look like your henchmen killed you in front of a conveniently placed security camera. I mean for a ex hero/vigilante to be killed by someone holding a grudge would be of very little suprise, especially if you’ve been playing up the fact your retired and rusty this whole time.


If it were suicide, it’d be different… there’d be a body left behind.

Hey everyone, remember that not all readers have played the demo so please blur out the spoilers. I see a few posts with spoilery information so please edit them such that the spoilers are hidden.


Suspicions or not, after what happened before there is no way Ortega (and Steel) would accept the MC’s death without MC’s cold stiff body right in front of them. They still haven’t gotten over presuming MC dead once and giving up on looking, they won’t do so again.

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Wouldn’t that be a good thing?
Since you can’t directly tell them about anything since that would reveal you and what not, but if they went digging and found out about “Definitky not legal” farm they may help out. I dunno

Which brings us back to square one. What is the point? What’s there to be gained?

I went back and blurred a few of my post. Anymore stand out moments that’d be spoiler-y?

It is time to refocus the discussion on the actual material within the demo and provide @malinryden with actionable feedback instead of trying to champion our own fan theories.

The discussion has becoming a circular argument. To avoid that: if you have already stated your position, please take a short break and allow others to share their perspective too. Please avoid repetitively hammering a single view without adding anything new.

Thanks everyone.


@Eiwynn Is safe return here already? I have been out months due only posting where triggering hard core edgy gruesome fan fiction about mutilating and worse skin people alive eating flesh of enemies and worse… alll stuff have zero relationship with the game at all. I mean I am afraid giving feedback not for the author this time for fans!!!

Couldnt be possible they made an adult gruesome fan fiction thread separate of this thread?


Yeah, that’s fair… huh… When WAS the last time actual feedback was given?

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Well in the spirit of providing feedback I got to admit after replaying the new demo using a mob boss MC playthrough I was intrigued at the direction you seem to be taken with the MC being both a straight up bruiser as well as a manipulator and strategist on par with Wilson Fisk himself. My one possible implementation would be to give the new henchmen some more backstory and interactions in particular Palyo and Zaza but I remember reading that was an update down the line so it can be discounted if you wish. I also liked the mentioning of other heroes who the MC remembers with varying degrees of fondness as it improves the world building and lore in ways that seem realistic as not only is the MC a veteran superhero depending on your choices they were also a very active unofficial member of the Rangers who would have been exposed to all walks of life of superheroes. In closing please keep up the great work @malinryden as I await your coming updates with much interest.


All is okay but this has turned in a thread were i have seen more violent mature content that in gore films. Hundreds after hundreds of posts about fan smutty gore fetishes that this thread should be in the adult section. I have feedback and opinions too I can’t post due I have already discovered that a dozen of people will jump like hyenas to say gruesome stuff and how they want desire eat my character and worse. I can’t understand why in hell there is no an adult fan fiction thread like Way fans had were all this smutt gore cannibalism could go without make people sick.

Things have run amok a bit, and I couldn’t decide whether I wanted to grab popcorn, or a garden hose.

As for the helpful feedback, since the last major update to the demo most everything that needs to be said–from what I can tell–has been mentioned. No doubt, there is still more to find, but for the most part the more obvious bugs have slowly been getting hammered out, while the more obscured ones have been getting found, and listed for later fixes. Everyone’s done a pretty good job staying on top of it.

Really looking forward to this! Fallen Hero Rebirth has got to be one of the best choice games I’ve ever played.:heart_eyes:

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That’s just due to the nature of the game I’m afraid Mara. The game is already fairly edgy with lots of role play capabilities to be a bad person which a lot of people, me included, enjoy doing. And due to that people tend to be mildly encouraged to say edgy or darker topics.

So people like us saying those comments are just trying to have a spot of fun so please don’t think too harshly on them we mean no harm :c

Also I think you may be exaggerating slightly, here on this thread we only fetishise about what we do to Heralds legs, wholesome family fun :3

@GrimReaperJr1232 Last time feedback was given was a week or so after the update, we all clammer to be helpful to our main man Malin, praise be, but once we have exhausted everything the thread becomes a place to have a spot of fun, theorise and do other random shit normally (Wether intended to be that way or not by poor Malin watching us fetishise Ortega for the nth time)
Since there just isn’t much to talk about, this cycle has happened a few times now. And when the new content is dropped within the next week or two that will happen again, lots and lots of feedback before dying down slowly, then returning back to ‘My Waifu is better then your Waifu’


My problem is not ADULT section and I don’t have to suffering peopledirectly triggering me IN THE NOT ADULT SECTION maybe most of you enjoy gory edgy hard-core fan fiction totally out of proportions. Why in hell there is not a damn fan fiction thread of Edgy Cannibalistic cult of Fallen Hero Then all fans of edgy could be happy of tons of memes and adulthood content and that And people with zero interest could enjoy this absolutely magnificent game. I love the game I hate the behaviour of the fandom.

If not well I will keep my posture of not posting or read this thread as I am totally afraid I will found a killing a cat in live meme or worse. Because the total and absolutely disregard of triggering content or adult content is really concerning.

But Maybe I should stopp and not triggering further the discussions and just running from this thread like the plague. Due i hardly doubt people here respect labels and triggering warnings

I think we need a therapy session milady.
If it’s alright with you may we move this discussion to PMs?


If you check, there’s a general discussion thread.

And theories and wishlist thread

I think headcanons and theories go there. I always thought Malin prefer this thread to be more on the feedback part.