(WIP) Curse of the Spirit ☉ (Updated August 24)





Well… that’s exactly how i imagine my MC’s reaction in the new demo… so i add it to my continous fanfic :slight_smile:


I can’t believe it’s already been so long since I’ve posted anything in here jeez // School and homework have been taking up most of my time, but I’m still working on future chapters! I haven’t exactly looked at Chapter Five since uploading Chapter Four. I’m thinking I want a work a bit more into the rest of the story for a while before going back to editing old ones.

So yeah, just a lil update. Things have slowed down a bit, but I’m still working.

also thank u 4 ur fanfics eric they make me cry :’^)


I think there’s a bug if you tell the spirit to leave you get the same reaction if you ask who it is. And no possible way to unlock are you saeva though that might be intentional


Type in Saeva as your name then it’ll unlock.


Did you try setting your name as Saeva? I tried it just now and it worked for me.

But also that first thing is right, saying you want the spirit to leave doesn’t give any additional text, it just jumps to asking “then who are you” perplexed like all the choices lead to


Ahh so it’s an Undertale Chara situation neat I love Chara.

Now to figure out how to get the most macabre minor spirit if that season and minute thing matters.

Lilith is leading my character to become Chara. She’s going to find herself staring into my smiling face as the oxygen leaves her from the Divina’s hands around her throat. In her last moments would she regret her decisions?


When Eric and Lilith are happily having a small chat in this solemn hour…
a shadow approach them slowly …and a figure hisses to the ear of Eric
" Beware Little Divinus… you are not inexpandible as you thought… while you are what you are today, She may be the tomorrow…. "


Eric : Whoahhhhh… what was that all about ???
Lilith : What was what all about ?
Eric: Someone was in my ear … saying i am today while you are tomorrow , this make any sense to you?
Lilith : No… and you starts to creep me out , perhaps you should relieve yourself of the burden of Divinus :-):wink:
Eric : Ha… if only i could…

The next day … when Eric is walking out of the campus , he feels some strange sensation is engulfing him … the road in front of him change into lovely forest and the vehicles turn into waving trees , while in the middle… a lovely doll is waving at him, encouraging him to come closer with a lovely melody " little little doll… lost her master , waiting for her master to reclaim her … little little doll… want a new master …"
Listening to the sweet melody , Eric starts to walk towards the doll … disregard of the speeding vehicles in front of him…

" Eric !!! snap out of it !! Where are you going ? !!! "

A sharp but familiar voice pierce through Eric’s mind


It was Lilith , holding him desperately and preventing Eric from further reaching to the road…

Eric : What ?? What happens Lilith ?
Lilith : You are walking straight towards those cars… you tried to kill yourself or something ??
Eric : There was a doll… she was waving for me…did you see it ??
Lilith : Eric, as much as i hated you … i also Hates seeing you like this … can you take care of yourself without me looking after you for once ??
Eric : You looking after me ?? Wait… was you following me just now ??
Lilith : Yes … i thought you was going after a new clue and i intend to follow you in order to grab it from you , happy ? :slight_smile:
Eric : Lilith … you knows you could always ask nicely , had it even occur to you to even ask me nicely ??

Lilith : No … where is the fun by being nice, and you are Lucky i was not trying to be nice, else i won’t had save you in time …

Eric : Errrrrr… well, perhaps you are right ???

Lilith : Life is strange … but it is bitter and sweet at the same time :wink:




Eric is thinking a lots the following night, he couldn’t sleep and keep remembering the past and present of him with Lilith together… finally Eric has make a decision , he shaves his hair short overnight …decided it is time to get serious …
The next day, Eric finds Lilith was already inside the classroom…

Lilith : " Oh My!!! What happened to your hair Eric ? Are you alright ??"

Eric :" Lilith ! I need to make a confession !! When i close my eyes, my life, a naked truth revealed… there are dreams I never lived and scars that never healed , In the darkness… i find light take me to the other side and find you waiting there … I had been deceived by my eyes , and all that I was told I should see about you , they were opinions not mine. The person they taught me to be, about hating you … it was not who i am… One night in the dark, a vision of someone I know came forth… And out of the darkness I heard a voice say I Love You, Lilith , a light was turned on inside me, then I was alive… I love you Lilith "

Lilith :" What ?? Why are you doing this Eric ?? You couldn’t and you shouldn’t love me ?? Do you understand ? ! I am your Bane !!!"

The teacher breaks into the room " What did you all just said" ??


Eric and Lilith in synchronous tone : " Nothing !!! "


Lilith’s gonna die… If it’s that type of game. Honestly it’s a little weird to feel like a an antisocial psychopath with such a collection of bosom buddies.


Finally had the time to play the updated version. So much has changed. For the better. The old version was a bit confusing at first glance, this is more straightforward and it takes you into the story more smoothly. I am kinda sad all those scenes with Lilith are gone, they showed her sweeter side. And I’ll miss the “you don’t spit”. I still fucking love her though. Despite what she did with the project my MC would still want to do another one with her. And the thing with the sponges? Fucking genius.


Yeah the first time I played i mentally imagined a fantasy world where cars didn’t exist etc kinda like way walkers but the new version is more modern.


Yeah… Lilith had display some sense of remorse if we didn’t angry at her , i think the more we let Lilith has her fun , the more chances for her to finally forgive us :-):blush:

That exactly shows that Lilith not only has the look… she also has an awesome brain , she is a genius with her scheme :-):hugs:

I didn’t get this line last time, how did it happen ? Lilith told us not to spit on the floor … she is sweet with her sense of hygiene :-):grinning:


A scene from the old demo. It happened in the cafeteria I think. It was hilarious.


I guess that was the first demo which i miss … when i join , i only manage to read the 2nd demo i guess, which was also delete now .

What i miss from that demo was Lilith hold on to my arm , display a gesture of worry that i had forgotten about her and tears start flowing from her eyes … that was when i know Lilith is so sweet where i started fallen for her :-):blush:


Everyone acting like I shouldn’t strangle the life out of Lilith for being a spoiled troublemaking brat… Hmmmph


Meh. I’d kill her too, maybe in an indirect way though to not get my hands dirty.


Wow, I sense some anti-Lilith sentiment going on! Sure she is kinda terrible right now, but I am sure she has her reasons! :stuck_out_tongue:


She wanted to be Divina. Maybe her parents were strict assholes expecting her to be Divina and every night she goes home they make her feel like a failure ignoring her causing her to seek attention through cruelty.

Still… is the shinji chokes asuka gif too graphic to post here?