[WIP] Court Of The Gilded Roses

Hello oh thank you very much, I want to ask about the same Thing. And again I like this Game so much.

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Thank you :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: I’m glad you’re enjoying the story so far. More to come soon!


prologue_doors line 574: increasing indent not allowed, expected 8 was 12

Choose Princess, chose to go to bed without saying anything

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Maybe I’m annoying with a difference, but there is a question that came to me today regarding this game: how many boys and girls will the Shah have from his other wives and concubines, also consorts? Can we be a second wife for the Shah, or must we deal in some way with his first wife in order to do so? If one of my children becomes the heir, do I have to deal with the other children first or can I raise one of them with my own children? Maybe I’m imagining things. You mentioned that we prefer one heir over the other. Is this obligatory or not? The other romantic option is the male. Can we have children with him if we choose him and we want that? Have you decided anything in particular? I sincerely apologize for the delay and inconvenience.
I wish you a lot of luck and success. Very excited about the new things to come.


There appears to be an error when I am about to pick a certain option inside of the demo you have linked above. When one is to choose either the option to snap at someone crying and to simply ignore said sounds (I believe it occurs just before the demo is about to end) they’ll get a line of text that says the following:

prologue_doors line 574: increasing indent not allowed, expected 8 was 12.

*The error occurs when one decides to ignore (AKA: The bottom option)

Does such an error occur to a mishap during the coding process? Or perhaps is it a problem with one’s own device? Just letting you know in case you haven’t noticed it. Good luck and good tidings with the development of your game!

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I think she knows about the error at prologue_doors line 574 by now, everyone. Let’s wrap it up.



also can you learn fire magic while joining a cult? seems like these two kind of go hand in hand together.


Problem is, the new players haven’t read the whole thread yet. XD

By the way, there’s an error when you try to ignore the crying… :grinning:


:point_up: :pensive:


I’m not sure yet.

The way he’s written, Khazunef’s doesn’t want to have many children, at least by different women. He saw what happened with the rivalries in the harem and he lost his siblings because of it. There is a dialogue option with Shira that explains it better. But of course he needs heirs so he’s most likely going to try and have children by one woman. I say try because things don’t always go to plan.

But don’t worry! If another consort gives khazunef a child that can be a rival to yours, you can have them assassinated. That’s what the infanticide tag is for.

The error is completely due to my own coding ineptitude! Your device is (probably) perfectly fine.

Oh my sweet summer child…

Not blaming anyone btw! I really need to get that fixed lol but for now we’ll simply consider it the end of the demo.

The people who can teach you fire magic and the members of the cult are diametrically opposed. Literal good vs evil dynamics so I’m afraid not.

An error you say? At approximately line 574? First time I’m hearing of this… I’ll have to take a look…

If you want to be nice and not have Yaris killed, you can become a consort (recognized wife) of Khazunef’s. You could even be his favorite consort. But that doesn’t just have the same ring as empress…

It’s not obligatory. You can pick favorites or you can love your kids equally or ignore them and leave the hard work of instilling good values and emotional support for the servants. All of this will have some influence on what kind of person they become, but they are their own people and some things will just be out of your control. How you raise them can make those things better or worse, but like I said they’re basically cannon characters with cannon arcs and minds of their own.

If you have a child with Fang, you’re dead. No ifs ands or buts, Khazunef will have you killed. Depending on your relationship prior he can be furious or just super bummed about it but you’ll still be dead. Fang is Kaz’s best friend and it would be the ultimate betrayal in his eyes.

For every romance option that’s not Kaz, you have three “endings.”

  • execution of you or your lover or both.
  • happily ever after where you run away and start a new life together,
  • and keeping them as a lover on the side/hiding your relationship.

Getting caught with a female RO will have less harsh consequences as such a union cannot create a child. You’ll probably be sent to a convent to live out your days in prayer an completion. You can end up in a convent in multiple ways actually.

No need to apologize! I enjoyed answering your questions. Please let me know if anything else needs clarification :blush:


On the other hand, if you’re doing both of them…will Kaz even know? :smiling_imp:


If its found out it would cause one to question the legitimacy of the childs father which you guess it equals death based of what the author has said that would be the thought process i think would be in such a situation.

:: grins. ::


Oh ok Thank you so much for it. That mean that we can cill Shira if we want it and we can be the Impres is that right? And How manny will Shira have Childrn with the Shah? Thank you.

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Nice would love to have more :heart_eyes:

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Dang and i was hoping to just befriend the main lover and go for the Best friend :smiling_face_with_tear::joy:.


I just played the demo and I really love the game! I look forward to see what happens next!

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I got the same error and could not proceed.


So good!!! Line 574 is my personal opp😫.


Love the W.I.P! I haven’t seen many consort concepts on the forum, so this is definitely welcome. I see that in the demo, we currently have three stats: charisma, intelligence, and intimidation.

Through the lessons we receive as a “concubine-in-training” (I forgot the official name, sorry), will we receive boosts to these stats? If so, will we be able to pick and choose what lessons to prioritize?

I recall that you said:

So I guess my main question is how diverse can we make our character in terms of personality?

For example, if we chose (for whatever reason) to make a well-rounded character in terms of stats (if that’s even possible), will our character have a mix of different flavor text? If we chose to make our character both intimidating and charismatic (again, if even possible), would we receive contradictory flavor text?

Aside from that, keep up the good work! Good luck on your fight with ChoiceScript! :]


Ugh you have no idea how much I’d love for the Mc to be able to pull a Cersei Lannister. I’ve been toying with that very concept for a while now, but I’d have to bring out the Punnett squares for that. Due to the variety in appearance for the Mc, there are some cases where it could be obvious that her child isn’t Kaz’s and some where it’s more ambiguous or has some plausible deniability. I’d love to include a mechanic l that tracks and acknowledges that, but it’s out of my area of knowledge right now.

Yes and yes.

The whole stat/personality system is subject to change. My main goal is to allow the reader flexibility in how they want to approach scenarios. I don’t you to be locked into stoic reactions because you chose to be aloof that one time and I think different scenarios require different reactions based on how you’re playing. As of now the personality stats serve as a measure of how you are seen by others not necessarily what your character is like.

But like I said, everything is kinda up in the air and is subject to change :slightly_smiling_face: The most important “gamey” stats are the prestige and scheme stats. The rest were made to include flavor text.

In other news I’ve made a measure of progress on the next chapter so expect an update over the weekend probably? Kind of nervous to be uploading this one as it contains content that I’ve personally not seen in many if any choicescript games so I don’t really have a gauge for how the community will react to it lol. Guess we’ll see.