[WIP] Court Of The Gilded Roses

Here is a screenshot of the error Zelda mentioned before.


Just out of curiosity, is this game going to be really challenging in terms of strategically ‘playing the game’ of intrigue, etc, or is it going to be more forgiving and based upon having a good reading experience. Or can we somehow get a choice, or a cheat mode or something? :thinking:

Personally I prefer the latter - story-type - as strategy-type IF’s give me anxiety (I make awful decisions and can’t strategize to save my life lol) and I find I can’t really just relax and enjoy the interesting twists and turns of the story. I like the sort of forgiving game where I can just chill knowing my MC, even when they end up in bad position, always finds a way out (and a way to get her man).

EDIT: Also, I’m playing a defiant slave type who will probably take stupid risks to ‘be free’ (yeah I know, romantic stereotype! :smile:), but would like to enjoy playing that type rather that worrying that my MC is about to be beheaded or drowned down a well or fed to ravenous dogs or something. :sweat_smile:


I think the premise of this story sets a stage for more strategic role playing with intrigue and plots and all that good stuff. However I don’t plan on it being punishing or challenging because I get the frustration. I like playing not stressing about my stats with the fandom wiki open in another tab so I know what choices are safe and which will destroy my playthrough in ways priorly inconceivable to me. (looking at you romance club and choices)

It will definitely lean towards the story side, and you won’t fail because of your stats as the will mainly serve for flavor text. I will say that choices will lead to certain outcomes. I know that sounds vague and ominous lol but it’s more like the player will have the choice to divert the story at major points.

The idea of a cheat mode intrigues me. Maybe an on and off toggle for players to pick their preferred story experience? It’s worth considering.

You just gave me an idea :smiling_imp:


Thanks, this sounds great! I don’t mind intrigue and plots and the like, I just don’t like worrying over choices and making a choice that could somehow lead to my doom because I wasn’t thinking ahead or such - it stops me from just being able to enjoy the experience of the story because I overthink. A lot.

I realise that’s my own failing, I just wanted to know if I could still enjoy this story with my failing being what it is. lol

So thanks for explaining - can’t wait to read more! :heart:

EDIT: Forgot to mention, there was one small “bug” I noticed - well, not really a bug but a particular choice of words. When you’re asking the details about the harem and you’re told about what happened to the court prior to the Shah coming into power. As the MC is being told the grisly tail, the woman tells her ‘I don’t want to bore you with the details’, but considering the details are actually grisly and not boring, ‘bore’ would probably be better as ‘upset’ or ‘trouble’. Just a thought.


Glad I could clarify. And yeah I’m totally the same, except in this case it doesn’t seem so difficult to me cause I’m writing it lol. But I’ll strive to create an entertaining, not frustrating experience please let me know if I drop the ball in future updates :slightly_smiling_face:


Ah sorry, I edited my previous post with the ‘not-really-“bug”’ after you already posted a reply. Not sure if you noticed so thought I’d give a heads up. :slight_smile:

Also, I get what you mean about something not seeming so difficult when you’re the one writing it - I felt the same in the author’s chair. From the author’s POV it’s easier because they can see the paths that the story will take, and even feel a sense of delight when a strategic choice might lead to x or y outcome the reader isn’t expecting, or that a specific outcome is only possible if certain choices are made/target met. But it feels different for the nervous reader. :smile:


Nope I didn’t notice! Thank you for making sure I got it. And now looking back it really does seem out of place and it’s really a small thing so I’m impressed you caught it! That’s some high level line editing, it will be fixed in the update.


One, I can’t believe I even clicked on this WIP, and second, I can’t believe I read it all and enjoyed it. I am at a loss for words


This is quite the compliment. Thank you and I’m glad you enjoyed it!

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Oh, this is very interesting . I am going to read the path of the captive and enjoy a great tragedy unraveling. Will there be a significant difference depending on the chosen background?

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There is, yes. I suggest playing through each at least once. You’ll see. The later game differences will probably be massive.

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Why the MC can’t be the shah? Instead if a woman in harem it be more interested.

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It will be also verry interesting, but I like it this Way so much.
Because there are some Games where you can be The Ruler but the Shah I sopose not, I’ve never seen some Thing like this and also never seen so many Games from this Type.
I mean Harim Games.


Maybe the author wants to give some insight into the Shah’s Harim, and because so many people like these types of games, I think so, but I don’t know if that’s true. The author herself has said that she also likes these types of games.


Nah, the MC being in the harem is interesting, and there’s really not any stories where we get to be the ones in a harem.


This story is about a woman in the harem navigating its dangers, rising the ranks and maybe finding love. If the MC was the shah, that would be an entirely different story. It sounds intriguing but it’s not one I’m interested in writing right now.

Yes absolutely. Your background will affect how you’re viewed, how your children are viewed, who your allies are and some plotlines, like the escape route which is only available if you’re playing as a captive.

Yes I love these games! There are unfortunately very few of them and I’ve only ever found two which is so disappointing cause I feel this is a great premise for romance and intrigue.


Could you please name them cuz im so obsessed with these types of games!

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First was queen by night on StoryLoom which unfortunately got shut down :frowning: the other is “behind the veil” on neo story and it’s based on the Ottoman Empire.


Is it a bad thing that I wish Junli and Brielle were romance options?

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Not at all! There are so many lovely girls and such little time…