[WIP] Beyond: Rebirth (10/12/17 Prologue Update)

Demo - LINK UPDATED AS OF: 12/12/17; 12:20 AM - Updated Prologue. Chater 1 removed as of the moment. It will be added at a later date. + Grammar update. /// Nothing new added with the latest update

Angels. Demons. Humans. Nephilim. Jinn. Fae.

Visit a time of great advancement, heartache, tragedy, and peace.
Will you accept who and what you are? Deny it? Will you find love, a new best friend, or even your worst enemy? Will you uncover one of London’s greatest secrets?

Do all of this and more as you explore London, England, in this game set in the Victorian Era, one of the greatest time periods of the United Kingdom!


The four Romance Options:

  • Azrael:
    An Archangel that seems to haunt your dreams and occupy your waking thoughts more than he should.

  • Giulia:
    A Demon, someone you’ve yet too met. Yet something about her seems oddly familiar.

  • Ashton Bell:
    Your best friend and confidant. A fellow Nephilim, he was adopted just as you were. The two of you have known each other since you were only but five years old.

  • Eva Jackson:
    A young barista within the district of Whitechapel. She holds an aura of mysticism that seems to surround her every move. Some call her a witch, others a temptress. Neither has yet to be proven true.

Other main and side characters:

  • Solomon Afzal:
    One of the oldest known Nepilim. A walking encyclopedia of the Nephilim and born scholar, some say with but a simple word, he can end your life. As of now, he is a well-known professor at the London University.

  • James Wright and Julius Wright:
    Twin brothers and friends of Ashton, they enjoy a good mystery almost as much as the sight of a beautiful woman.

  • Mia Eddowes:
    A lively tarot card reader and the best friend and mentor to Eva.

  • Alec and Margery Rivera:
    Your beloved adopted parents. Well, known socialites, your parents have been vying to find you a worthy suitor since your eighteenth birthday, in hopes that you might happen upon someone that will take care of you and love you as much as your parents love each other.

  • Lady Eveleen Eddowes:
    Mia’s mother. She owns the Coffeehouse that Eva and Mia work in.

  • Detective Myers:
    A detective with perhaps too much free time. His wondering eyes and hands often send woman scattering from his path.

  • Tobias:
    Your families butler. He thinks of you as his own granddaughter.

  • Rosita Blackwell:
    A young woman vying for Ashton’s affection. She doesn’t seem to like you very much.

The Seven Gods and Lords

Authors Note:

  • I want to clarify that these “Gods” and “Lords” of the Overworld and Underworld are not omnipotent, omnipresent, all-knowing, all-seeing, beings that can smite you from which you stand.They are, in fact, simple Angels and Demons, but considered by most of their Race as some of the strongest and wisest to lead and govern them.

  • To become a “God” or “Lord” an Angel or Demon does not need to be the absolute strongest or most cunning or most influential of their Race. In fact, many of the oldest Archangels and Archdemons have, in fact, denied the positions offered, not wanting the extra responsibilities that becoming one might entail.

  • Sadly, unlike the Gods of the Overworld, not much is known of the Lords of the Underworld, as they prefer to keep their strengths and weaknesses secret. The only knowledge of them is stories and myths.

The Seven Gods of the Overworld:

  • Aurora:
    Residing and ruling the First Dome, she is most noted for her love of poetry and music.

  • Crowe:
    Residing and ruling the Second Dome, not much is known about him, other than being rumored to be the most handsome Angel in the Overworld.

  • Azure:
    Residing and ruling the Third Dome, he is noted for having the abilities to heal almost any mortal wound.

  • Baal:
    Residing and ruling the Fourth Dome, not much is known about him other than his love of human novels. Most notability erotic romance stories.

  • Sin:
    Residing and ruling the Fifth Dome, he is most well known for his hatred of the Nephilim, often advocating for their total eradication.

  • Zanna:
    Residing and ruling the Sixth Dome, she is mostly known for her mastery over plants and animals.

  • Inanna:
    Residing and ruling the Seventh Dome, she is noted for her beauty and temper and is often quick to strike and ask questions later.

The Seven Lords of the Underworld:

  • Iblis
    A male demon.

  • Vapula
    A male demon.

  • Legion
    A male demon.

  • Nyx
    A female demon.

  • Daeva
    A female demon.

  • Lucifer
    A male Angel. Having betrayed the Angels of the Overworld, he quickly found a stronghold within the Underworld, becoming one of its Lords.

  • Lilith
    A female demon and lover of Lucifer.

Archangels and Archdemons

Archangels and Archdemons are the chief Angels and Demons of the Overworld and Underworlds armies. To be considered a “Arch” an Angel or Demon must have been born/created during Creation. Though, not all Angels or Demons born at this time hold the title of “Arch”. Those with the title hold the greatest possibilities of becoming a God and or Lord of their Realm. All Archangel’s names end with a “-el”. Demons do not hold these formalities.

The Overworld, Underworld, Between, and Otherworld
  • Overworld:
    Realm of the Angels. The Tree of Knowledge and Life is said to be located somewhere on one of its Domes.

  • Underworld:
    Realm of the Demons. The land is said to be just as beautiful as the Overworld, but harsher, with only the strongest surviving.

  • Between
    Created after the Overworld and Underworld, the Between is where the Humans reside. With the Between’s creation, Angels and Demons were finally able to meet each other after eons of knowing of the other’s existence.

  • Otherworld:
    Unlike the Overworld, Underworld, and Between, the Otherworld was created by the Fae as a sanctuary. The doorway into the Realm is well guarded against those that would seek entrance into it.

Angels vs Demons

With Creation, the Creator brought life into existence. These two races were known as Angels and Demons. Their Realms were divided, and neither of the Races could enter into the others. It was only through the knowledge provided at their Creation that they even knew of the other’s existence.

While the Angels were coming up with names, debating, and divvying up the Seven Domes provided within the Overworld, the Demons were waging wars of supremacy over the single landmass provided to them within the Underworld.

Author’s Note:
Both the Overworld and Underworld are roughly the same size. Think of the Underworld as America. Connected almost completely, while the Overworld would be like many islands (seven), disjointed and spread out over floating landmasses called Domes.

When the Between was created, the Angels brought with them refinement of art and knowledge, while the Demons brought a exploration of one’s self.

For now, that’s all I have to offer! Feel free to leave feedback and ask questions. I swear to respond to any questions or concerns you might have as soon as possible.


My Victorian thirst is strong
It sounds very interesting, looking forward to it x3


Thanks! I love the Victorian Era so much. If you know a lot of history from that time period, you should be able to pick up on some future plot points! (and possible big baddies you may meet)

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Has potential. Looking forward to seeing what happens!


Is the setting Victorian erasque or actually Victorian era (probably the latter since Russia and England are present)? If it’s the latter, what countries does it take place in (I assume an Anglo-Saxon ones, England where you’ve been born)?

When it comes to fights/battles, will we use some kind of magic/superpowers or will conventional weapons be present as well (revolvers, breech-loading rifles, white weapons)?

And lastly, since it will come up sooner or later anyway so we might as well be done with it - who are the ROs (mostly interested in female ones)?


The game takes place on the 16 July 1889 historic London, England and will spand out from there. Such as July 17th, 18th, 19th, 20th. All of the settings will be as close as I can possibly have it to the time actual time period. As for the countries, It will most likely stay contained within the United Kingdom, stretching out to possibly Russia, where you were born, and America. Though Russia would be 100% more likely to happen than America would.

Battles will be more on the realistic side, BUT there will be the possibilities of extending your Gifts to the point where you will not have to be a physical person. And then there’s also the choice to charm your way out of a brawl. So, in truth, it will be a mixture of magic-revolvers-rifles-brass knuckles-to-the-face.) Those with, say, the power of Shapeshifting would have a much easier time than you in a physical confrontation. I feel like having my face chewed off would be a big pain in the arse to stop.

I don’t have names placed for the RO’s atm, but you will have AT LEAST three to four to five RO’s (depending on gender).

A human (or two), A demon, an Angel, and a Nephilim (or two). This would mean that there could be anywhere from 8 to 10 Romance’s, as it’s highly likely I might add another Nephilim or human into the mix. For the Bi-sexual preference, I’m thinking of having at least 5/6 of the 8/10 available. This may or may not change.

Thanks for your interest! :slight_smile:


I would be very interested in this work! I look forward to seeing how the project develops!


This does sound very interesting so far! I’m intrigued.:yum: I too love the Victorian Era.:grin: Just to excite me some more, what are you planning as the main plot?:thinking: @xNaomi


Thank you so much for the interest! Sorry to say, that the Demo has been going a little slower than I’d like getting it up. (I was on vacation when I put this together, but it’s based on a few short stories I’ve written. Each being around 1.5k+ words, spanning around 20k words in total. And now I’m back to working full time and going to university.)

I keep debating what stats, and how to get the coding the way I’d like. What I might end up doing is posting the introduction scene here for everyone to read, and then worry about getting the demo up later.

I’ve also been debating with myself, and I’ll probably end up keeping the MC gender locked.

I will say, that a small part of the story will be overshadowed by the events in 1888, London, England. (The main story taking place in 1889) @Kristina_NRE

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Ill be keeping my eye on this!

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Thank you!

With deciding to gender lock the game, I’d also like to add that there will be 7 RO’s.
4 male options, and 3 female.

Of which:

3 Human options (2 male, 1 female)
1 Angel (male)
1 Demon (female)
2 Nephilim (1 male, 1 female)

These seven are set in stone, with possibly 1 additional male Nephilim option.

(I figured I would state this since there was already some interest in RO’s.)


Yay, female demon! Angels < DEMONS. But I’m a little confused, are we a nephilim or just a perceptive human?

You could always share your short stories here to give us a taste :grin:


You’re a Nephilim. (As in, the child of Angels and man.) One main focal point is the discrimination that the Angels hold toward the Nephilim. (seeing them as unclean, abominations, monsters.) Though it should be noted that not all of the Angels see them as such.

I should also add that to become a Nephilim (at least for my story) that after so long, (thousands upon thousands of years after the mixture of the two races) that you do not need an Angelic parent to be a Nephilim. Only one of your parents has to be. (This means that the Nephilim blood trumps all. No matter what, even if a Nephilim and Angel were to get together.)


Hey everyone! A very sort demo (more of an introduction to the story) has been added!

And because of this, I would love to introduce you to one of the characters you’ll meet later down the road!

The Childhood Friend:
Ashton Bell:
Age - 19
Gender - Male
Race - Nephilim
Appearance - Standing at 186 cm (6’1"), with jet black hair and deeply tanned skin, and what we today would call to a swimmers body, it’s hard not to notice Ahston’s good-looks and toned physique on the streets of London.
Other information - The adopted child of Lord and Lady Bell, you and Ashton became quick friends. As if sensing that neither you nor he truly belonged within the limelight of London’s socialites, you drew together at a young age, you 5, and him 6, and have been inseparable ever since meeting. Your friendship together is often judged and scrutinized by others as highly inappropriate for a young man and woman, but they can just bugger off, right?


I’ll also be tweaking a few dates. Nothing big. Just changing the day you were born is all. I also, again, wish to apologize for the shortness of the demo. It will grow and get longer with time when I’m more free to write. :slight_smile:


So far so good despite how short it is. It’s very intune to the atmosphere and the hooks in each page are really interesting! Hope to see more soon :smiley:

This seems interesting, I look forward to seeing more.

Thank you so much! I’m happy that the atmosphere is there and working. This was the main thing I wanted to get down before going in and adding all the different choices. Coming up and getting the code in it has been the hardest thing for me… Now I just have to actually write and add in the elements of some of the short stories I’ve done.

I hope by the end of today to finish up with Uriel’s bit. The choices you make with her/his (or your, if you want to be technical) bit will help shape your character for the rest of the game! (hair color/eye color, and personal stats!)

Thank you. I look forward to showing you more! <3

Now, I do have a question. I’m wanting to add some titles to the first two parts (The part within Russia, and then Chicago.) Do you think I should title it Prologue Part 1 for Moscow, and Prologue Part 2 for Chicago? As these two parts happen much before the game starts.

Originally, I was going to do Prologue, and then Interlude, and the Chapter One, but I feel like this may be a little too convoluted.

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I love what there so far, and the beginning certainly are sad :disappointed: which is good thing I guess.

I also love the image for each chapter, it’s beautiful :star_struck:

Anyway, there 2 thing that I'm found, sorry if these already reported.


There this error when try to save.



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I think the way it is done now is fine? It’s assumed it’s the prologue anyway

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Thank you for the kind words and error report! I’m not really sure how to fix the save error… I’ve messed with the code, and no matter what I do, I just get an error. If anyone knows how to fix it, I would love to know. If I can’t figure out how to get it going, I’ll probably just remove the save system altogether.

I also have the next update ready to come out… I just keep getting an error that I can’t seem to fix LOL.

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