WIP: Averno

I love this so far- your writing is very descriptive. Can’t wait to read more.

I love it!!! :two_hearts::two_hearts::two_hearts:

I love it so far! I’d appreciate a few more options with MC’s reactions to other characters, though. I don’t mean that we need lots of options or anything, more like that moments when MC reacts with a certain specific personality, especially at the beginning of a story, that we didn’t choose.
Example: when they roll their eyes at Hypnos and the text says they’re too exasperated to reply. That kind of thing, usually, is written in a more neutral tone if there aren’t options, or authors give the reader the choice of how to react. Maybe that will be there later, as this was a short demo. Just letting you know my thoughts :slight_smile:

But your writing is very nice, and I’m super interested in the story. Team husband so far and very intrigued about the secret RO!


thank you! i’ll keep a note of this! :slight_smile:

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i feel bad for Eros… my “husband”? Looking forward to the ROs :slight_smile:

I love the concept! The demo reminds me a little of my favorite greek myth “Eros and Psyche”. I’ll keep a close eye on this WIP.

Thanks to the prologue I will never be able to choose a ro who isn’t Eros, :cry: I’ll come back to you love :two_hearts:

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Don’t know if just me but when I try to click on the link it either sends me to the other WIP (through Olympus) or don’t go through at all

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thanks for reporting! the file should be working properly now, and should no longer transport you to the other wip.


Oh :o: `
I hope this won’t be sad. But I can’t wait for the blood wrenching angst.
What if mc gets with other ro other than Eros Pls :sob:. No husband I’ll be loyal to the bitter end on my first play through.

I’m quite curious is it a trend than that now-a days in tv, novelas, almost anything involving hades that he’s portrayed as tired. Glad to see so many authors showing him love in their own ways.

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love the wip so far! just something i noticed, when i chose Elias for a name Hypnos said you look very much like a lanthe, love the way Hypnos is written and can’t wait to see more!

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thanks for reporting, i’ll look into it later and fix it!

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Oh really good start. The prologue definitely got me hooked. I agree that we need more options about how MC act or feel. Especially toward others RO, I was quite surprise that we didn’t get any shy/bold flirt option/reaction for when Hypnos is flirting with us. Or just get to decide our first reaction to him really.

I’m sure others RO are good buuuuut…I’m team husband :pensive::fist:


thank you! i’m still working on adding more reactions for the mc instead of the initial one or two, so this really helps!

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