Windows notepad++ spellchecker.

So. Trying to find a good way to spellcheck my game, since. Well. Last time I uploaded it, people said that it had a lot of arrors in it, and am not the best at spelling regardless. However, unsure exactly what to do. No idea how the notepad++ spellchecker works, though I do know there is one. Would really rather not, have to use microsoft word, because re-formating everything, or manually correcting it all is going to take for ever.
Anyone have any ideas? Also. From what I have read, the notepad++ checker uses red lines. Anyone know if it actually says things? I use a screanreader, so… Anyway.

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There’s a plugin called Spell Checker. It’s pretty basic, no red lines. Just a command you can invoke to check spelling on demand.

@tangerine_skies Sorry for the mention, but can I bother your time? I know you use screenreaders and maybe you can answer OP’s question.

This plugin works for me. It can break when n++ updates though, so you have to check for new plugin versions manually if it stops working.

Um… What do I do? I have a bunch of files, none that seem to be opening. Never delt with a plugin before. Tried a few, but couldn’t figure how to get them to work.

I’m looking into this and will get back to you asap. I will say that I usually just copy and paste to microsoft word, run the spellcheck, then paste back into a plain text editor. You could also try using pretext on iOS and using the ios spell checker.

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On the coppy to word front. I herd that messes with the format? Just unsure if I would have to put all the tabs and sutch back in, but that would probably the easiest, especially since I’m useing a Windows to write these.
Thanks for looking into it by the way.

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You shouldn’t have to redo the tabs. What is most likely to break is the quotation marks. If word uses Smart quotes, those may break when you re-import them to notepad. Also, if you store your project in iCloud, you can move between windows and iOS without issue.

The only breaking thing is that you can’t open .doc using Notepad++ (though you can open .txt files using Word). On quotation marks, yes they might change, but it should not cause anything breaking.

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That’s good. Least I have a timetable for updattes now. Writeing, spellchecking, running through firefox, editing, and updateing.