Why is it every time I open the index.html in mozilla firefox, it just gets to the searching screen of mozilla? Please help


That’s the link that appears every time I open the index.html

Your link doesn’t seems to lead to any particular site. Are you sure about it?

Try opening the firefox browser first, then minimize it, then double click the index.html

That’s exactly what appears when I open the index.html. There’s no error message like in internet explorer but it does not show the game as well. I tried your suggestion but it only led to another tab open showing the search screen. Oh man.

Hmm… that’s weird :thinking:
There’re only 2 index.html files inside the ChoiceScript folder and both of them works well for me.

You clicked the right index.html, right? I mean, you’re not clicking index.html from other files/programs, right?