Who's your favourite bad guy?

Let’s face it, deep down everyone loves the bad guy in films, tv and books. Who would you say is the best baddie of all time?

Someone that gives you the tingleys (is that a word?) when you see them in action. Someone who makes you angry yet kind of makes you fall in love with them at the same time. Or whoever you think is simply awesome.


Would you count antiheros?

Definitely, whoever you think.

My favorites are Count Dooku from Star Wars, Saruman the White from Lord of the Rings (both played by Christopher Lee xD) and Mayor Prentiss from the Chaos Walking Series.

Evil Delsin from infamous second son.

Do video games count? If not, ignore this.

Teryn Loghain Mac Tir of Dragon Age: Origins. IMHO, (and this is a BIG IMHO, as I know MANY people despise him) there wasn’t a thing he did in Dragon Age: Origins that wasn’t entirely justified. Even his worst action, turning a blind eye to the Tevinter slavers in the Denerim Alienage can be understood even if it’s probably going too far.

If you recruit Loghain into your companions and press him on it: He’ll defend it by saying that he calculated that when the Darkspawn attack Denerim, the alienage will be almost impossible to defend and that the Elves WILL be massacred. With the funds from the Elven slaves, he can improve the defences of Denerim, ensuring that only a few Elves are sacrificed to keep many alive.

And then there’s the “betrayal” of King Cailan. King Cailan betrayed himself and the soldiers under his command by going into an unwinnable battle despite his best general with every fiber of his being telling him it would end VERY BADLY.

Is it any shock Loghain retreated from the field instead of getting yet more children orphaned and more wives widowed for some golden-armoured, pompous idiot’s ego? (Also, if Loghain planned to betray Cailan before Ostagar, he wouldn’t have advised Cailan to engage the Darkspawn more sensibly. In fact, he would’ve encouraged him to do so. I very much believe Loghain had no intentions of “betraying” Cailan…until Cailan insisted on and defeating the Blight in one big, “glorious” battle that the bards will sing of for centuries. No doubt emphasising how “virtuous” and “heroic” King Cailan was.)

And then let’s not forget the Return to Ostagar DLC, where you find out King Cailan and Arl Eamon were planning to divorce Anora (She hadn’t been siring any heirs to the throne, so naturally, Cailan decided Anora was at fault and must be barren.) and marry the Orlesian Empress, of all people.
(Bear in mind, Dragon Age society is very equal when it comes to gender. When Cailan and the Empress die, the thrones would pass to their eldest child. Naturally, with the Empress being the dominant and higher ranking partner, the child would almost certainly be raised in Orlais and his primary title would be "Emperor/Empress of Orlais. Fereldan would become apart of the Orlesian Empire again, the very thing Cailan’s father, Arl Eamon, Loghain, Teryn Bryce Cousland, even Arl damned Rendon Howe fought against.)

He also, lest we not forget, was Fereldan’s greatest hero at one point…And IMO, still is. Far more heroic than Cailan could’ve ever been.


Greatest hero and still is? We got the Warden Commander.

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•RE’s Wesker
•Bond’s Jaws
•Jaws’ Jaws
•Skyrim’s Alduin
•The Planet of the Apes’ (1969) Apes… All of them
•Alein’s Xenomorphs (I think that’s what they’re called)
•RE4’s Krauser
… That sounds about right

Yeah, Alduin is pretty awesome.

As for Planet of the Apes, I’d consider them the good guys. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

@Samuel, waitwaitwaitwait… You watched the original Planet of the Apes, but couldn’t sit through the original Starwars movies?!

Oh, whoops. I just glanced over your comment so I didn’t see you were talking about the originals. And I love the old Star Wars; who ever said I couldn’t sit through them?

My mistake. I forget about the Warden-Commander. :blush:

Hmmm…My favorites would be: Darth Vader from Star Wars (along with Count Dooku), Saruman from LOTR, Venom from Spider Man (comics), Predator from AVP and the original Predator too, and…i guess Jaws from obviously Jaws!, oh yeah, i forgot Chaos Space Marines (in general) from Warhammer 40k

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Oh, and Heath Ledger’s Joker, of course!

T Bags from Prison Break.

Wasn’t all that impressed with his depiction of the Joker but nonetheless the Joker is the best villain of them all

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I liked his the best! It was fresh and delightfully creepy. Did you prefer Nicholson’s portrayal more, then?

Frank Underwood from “House of Cards”

Nah Jacks wasn’t bad but not great either I’ll admit that he had the grin for it just like heath had the crazy down…it’s just the laugh

My favorite bad guys in no particular order. I’m including video game villains as well

-The Joker (Heath Ledger)
-Handsome Jack
-Illusive Man
-Origami Killer

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