Who want to make a game


I am just asking around i don’t know how to use choicesript so i was wondering would some one want to work with me to make one.


I think you can try to get a bit more interest by pitching an idea?


ok well i has thinking that your a daemon and you start out in your parent house (your young) you are your parents only son/daughter you awoke to a noise at night and find your parent dead in the hall way you see a dark figure standing over them it come at’s you but befor it get to you you scream and you throw a huge ball of power at it and it die’s. you pass out when you wake up you see your parent dead and you see the dead thing (daemon) and search the house you find a door you never noticed befor you open it and find book and you read one and you find out that your family are one of the most powerful daemon clan. thats all i got for now.


how about pytching in a theme for it is it gonna be a treasure hunt like game fildd with quizes or maybe a mystery etc


like your trying to find ouy who and why they killed your famliy


If your willing to write it im willing to code it.


ok thanks


can someone close this