Which CoG/HG/HC game would you most like to see as a film or tv series? (and vice versa)

The Infinity games’ mix of gritty gunpowder warfare and fantasy elements like spellcasters and knights with flaming swords would look awesome brought to life in a fantasy drama TV series in the same vein as Game of Thrones. But hopefully with less sex.


FALLEN HERO. filmed by DC
Heart of the House,
and Samurai of Hyuga could be a tv series or manga.


Wayhaven Chronicles
Evertree Saga
Tally Ho!
Heart of the House
Dragon Racer…if they had a budget for cool effects :heart:


Tbh, if I discovered that I probably wouldn’t see the adaptation because I can’t help but feel a little disappointed imagining a serie/film with a canon MC. I mean, part of the magic of COG and HG to me is the possibility of you create your own character – uhh, imagine if my RO wasn’t the chosen one, I can already feel the pain.

Maybe I’m just a little traumatized with the film adaptations I’ve seen so far… However, I would love to see cogs and hg adapted as a videogames or virtual reality – in this case, the player would still have the freedom to choose and we would have beautiful animations to make the immersion even easier.


Film: Evertree Inn series

TV series: Fallen Hero




Film: A Study in Steampunk, Empyrean, Choice of the Deathless.

TV Show: Dragoon Saga, Weyrwood, Community College Hero.


Pay High has the most sitcom potential imo. Love at Elevation would be a great movie a la Love Simon.


Gross to Fallen Hero being a HBO tv show…

That’s hard, because I’d be mad about a lot of books I love if they didn’t pick my style of playthrough as canon! I agree with so many above that Fallen Hero would be brilliant, but I would want them to have my motivations and romance Ortega and so on.

I think Tally Ho would be my pick. I love ALL of the options in that one, it’s hilarious, and the costuming would be delicious.

Man, now I’m going to think about my personal perfect cast…

EDIT: Yeah, here's a first pass on the fancast

Rory: Phoebe Waller-Bridge
Aunt Primrose: Emma Thompson
Mopsie: Yara Shahidi
Figaro: Kumail Nanjiani
Frankincense: Armie Hammer
Regina Wilhelmina: Lucy Liu
Haze: Ezra Miller
Col. Firesnuff: Jared Harris
Valentine: Timothee Chalamet
Investigator Ambrose: Daniel Craig*
Trina: Storm Reid

*I wouldn’t have guessed it, but he was delightful in Knives Out as private detective Benoit Blanc.


I would love to see Diaspora as a TV series because I think we need more fantasy shows that aren’t “the next GOT” and move away from standard Western fantasy fare. Diaspora has such a rich story and world, I’d love to see it in motion :sob:

Additionally, God of the Red Mountain as an anime or TV show? I would KILL for that!! The spirit designs and costumes would be beautiful!

Land of the Dragon as a live-action drama or anime would amazing too because I love fantasy ancient China and court politics. And Heaven’s Dog–Eulogy to Who I Used to Be would also be a great addition to magical girl anime as a deconstruction like PMMM.


Absolutely samurai of hyuga


Drama, katanas, love, gore, spiritualism. I think the Samurai of Hyuga’s storyline has everything to become an amazing anime/manga. (I’d pay high to watch this lol)

As a series I would love to see Fallen Hero in a very cyberpunk / noir vibe probably M-rated. Another interesting option would be The Wayhaven Chronicles with its entire plot in a supernatural CSI style (hehe).


The wip that no one seems to know the name of!

Personally, I’d choose Choice of Rebels… Always thought that it would make a great movie/series.


The great tournament

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Astroid run, The ORPHEUS ruse, Choice of robots. Premise alone sounds like a good tv show to me.



  • Wayhaven Chronicles. Although I can see the potential shipping wars that could arise.
  • Hollywood Visionary.
  • The Fog knows your name.
  • Psy High.
  • T-Rex Time Machine.


  • Fallen Hero.
  • Choice of Rebels.
  • Heroes Rise.
  • Keeper of the Sun and Moon.
  • Slammed. But just for one season.
  • Zombie Exodus.

A Study In Steampunk as a TV series.
Community College Hero as a film series.

Zombie Exodus: Safe Haven I could definitely see as a TV series. Each chapter being a episode. With the part 1 ending being a series 1 cliffhanger, and the part 2 ending being a series 2 cliffhanger.


Rent A Vice becomes a black mirror episode…
Samurai of Hyuga series as an anime