Which application (steam or android/Apple) is the best in terms of general function, save games, and support for the authors?

I have purchased multiple interactive fiction including visual novels, Delight games series, independent interactive fiction, and hosted/ choice games. All my hosted/ choice games and other interactive amounting to over one hundred dollars are android only. I just realized that the steam versions features

  • easier to categorize achievments
    -save games manipulation and back up in PC files for peace of mind (android saves are invisible)
    -steam has user forum

Which application supports the author more?
They are also going for android All-in-one Omnibus App next -but I already have most hosted/ choice games already.
I wonder whether I should stick to steam from now now, neglecting android app (in which case I buy again the steam versions that i owned in android)? Any feedback which is better?


Which one supports the authors more, you ask?
I think that depends on the authors themselves.

I don’t think we write with specific medium in mind, though I fiddle my work so it’ll fit nicely for both landscape-screen and portrait-screen devices.

I think Google Play gives the most money to the authors since it’s the most popular platform

Steam apps are priced higher, so we technically get more money per sale from that platform. Android is by far the biggest market, though, so good reviews there get us more sales than good reviews elsewhere.

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That’s interesting. Steam is always cheaper for me :open_mouth:

At least for me, in the US, Steam is more expensive. It might vary between countries.

Same. Steam looks a bit more expensive for me compared to Android.

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For consumers’ consideration,
Cost- Steam is slightly more expensive, costing around 20 cents to $1.50 more (depend on regional pricing for your country) - I live in Singapore.
Save games from different platforms comparsion- I lost some save games from Evertree Inn (sequel in progress), Zombie exodus, and hero redemption due to the android invisible saves not saving, losing lots of progress. In addition, I did not save to games such as full paid versions of community college hero and unnaturals as i did not know that there will be sequels. The save games problems ca be avoided by using steam as saves are located in your PC.
Renumeration to authors- Steam pays more to authors as it is slightly more expensive but android is the biggest market (Thanks for authors’ input)
Accessibility- android games/ apps such as interactive function can be convenient offline when using commuting/ daily travel time, saving time you are going to use for travel anyway while steam requires laptop or PC most likely at home.

Suggestions to users contemplating on which platform favors the author more as well as user functionalty-

  1. buy steam choice/hosted games but leave favourable review in android
  2. continue with android and leave favourable review in android store (remember to ensure that you have saved games in case there are sequel.)
  3. up to you whether you want both steam and android versions for best of both worlds if you are relatively well off.

Future of interactive fiction -

  1. if you are displeased with a certain interactive fiction, do not leave negative reviews in play store. Instead, contact authors directly- e-mail or forum here, giving constructive criticism on areas for improvements
  2. the omnibus android app when implemented - give reviews for individual authors’ stories (in app purchase) within the app itself as well as the play store. Review old stories that you already own in your app library as well as new stories that you purchase from the omnibus app.

However not all HG apps end up on steam. A pain for people who want to build their libraries there. Also not good for authors if people play the game then refund. Steam has an easy refund system that while good for honest people, is open to abuse. Apple has the omnibus so it’s a wait and see what affect that will have good or bad. Android is most popular and easy to play on phones, but like Apple, you’d better be sure you’re not going to switch phone types. Amazon lets you play on what ever platform, but dosn’t seem to be popular.

The best for the author is the website; it has the lowest platform fees.


That’s true, but it also doesn’t have reviews (which, as we all know, can help immensely with sales. Wayhaven on Android, for example.)

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Not everyone who buys CoG/HG title is a part of this community or bothered enough to actually go out of their ways and compose an email, so technically that seems highly unlikely.

Besides, wouldn’t that seems kind of falsifying? I mean, if the game is bad or you think that it’s bad, shouldn’t you share your opinions with potential people who might share your views? That would actually save them a few bucks or at least some quality time spent elsewhere