When Twilight Strikes [updated 30/08/2021]

We’re, what, five or six chapters in, getting ready to go to chapter seven, I think? So, about halfway through, give or take? Yeah, at this point, I feel like most character personalities are pretty well set, so I’m not too terribly put out that characters I dislike aren’t going to pull a sudden 180 and become my best buddies. That just means they’d better get used to disappointment, because my character certainly isn’t going to start cuddling up to them, either. (Well, on my Pure Negative run, I mean. Other subsequent playthroughs are a different matter.) We’ve effectively strengthened the status quo in the Zyri universe of WTS.

Besides, if my previously mentioned WILDLY negative relationship scores are anything to go by, there’s no bouncing back in the cards for my MC anyhow. XD

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i adore writing ro povs (they’re arguably more fun than writing in normal first person with the mc) so i’m super excited for everyone to read them!!

there’s a common route scene for anyone in your scenario who still chose to go with A and/or is attending the club with a different ro. people who chose to avoid A because they’re mad at them will get the apology scene in a later chapter.

going into chapter six!! but yeah, no one is going to suddenly do a complete personality flip, however, characters like Blane and K will begin to soften up as they get to know the hunter on a more personal level.


this is normally when i post my weekly update, but with the recent news about cog and nfts, i’ve decided i will be moving this game to twine. a more in-depth explanation on how things will work from here is up on my tumblr. if you don’t wish to continue following this story due to the move, then i completely understand, however, if you are still interested, definitely check out my blog as i am much more active there.

this thread will stay up until the mods take it down.

as a parting note from here, i want to say thank you for reading and sharing my story thus far. this has not been a decision i take lightly but i hope you can understand and support me in it regardless.


Yep, that’s my case. Good luck hovewer! It was a good read.

(They have not decided anything officially, no?)


Will definitely follow you to Twine or wherever you move it!


According to the thread about the subject on this very forum they have no intentions whatsoever, so really I wonder where this sky is falling attitude is coming from.


yeah, i’ve finally read most of that tread and it won’t happen, but if that’s their choice to move i still respect it…


Yes, certainly an author’s prerogative to choose who they want to publish their work.

the issue i have (and which has been pointed out in the original thread as well) is that the idea isn’t off the table. it hasn’t definitively been shot down because saying that it won’t happen “yet” or “anytime soon” means that it may still happen in the future.
and whether that’s tomorrow or in 2 years, i don’t blame authors that don’t want to associate with a company that deals in crypto.

but that’s not what this thread is about. all i can say is that i’ll happily follow the authors leaving wherever they choose as their new platform


will you be announcing here with when you have officially moved the demo to twine, or will I need to check your blog for the update?

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i assume the mods will take this thread down before the twine version is released, so for the time being i’d advise following my blog.


Sorry for the stupid question, but what is twine? And how can I read this book or any other ones on it?

I don’t mind the move as long as it’s as accessible as this forum.

Best of luck :slight_smile:

Twine is the programming language. Usually games from Twine are published on itch.io, so you can follow author on Tumblr or on Itch.io itself - since every author and project has its own page.
If you have the accounts, time and will to do this. IMO forum is simplier to follow, but to each their own.


I agree. This forum is so much more convenient for me. Fortunately, I do have an account at itch.io that I visit occasionally, so I might check it out eventually haha.