When Twilight Strikes [updated 30/08/2021]

You are a bounty hunter.

Responsible for taking in rogue supernaturals, you work for IAOS—the International Agency of Supernaturals—where, alongside your best friend and partner, you two have quickly become the best hunting duo of the branch

After a particularly tricky hunt, you brief your boss, Caine Atheron, and come back to work the next day to find that he has mysteriously disappeared overnight, the company is now in the hands of his best friend, Sebastian Mai.

And though no one else seems to question it, something tells you that there’s more to the story.

With bounty cases rising at an alarming rate and a second mystery unfolding, you and your ragtag team of allies set out to find the truth.

But as you go further and further, the secrets you uncover begin to make you question: who… or what exactly are you fighting for?

Demo: When Twilight Strikes

Includes: Prologue to Chapter Five

Word Count: 157,280 words + 14,330 (coding)
Average Playthrough: 53,340 words
Next Update: November

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Character Playlists


  • Play as male, female, nonbinary; straight, gay, lesbian, bi/pansexual, demi/gray/asexual, aromantic + have the chance to set your own pronouns.

  • Gather a group of unlikely allies to solve a mystery and uncover a sinister plot.

  • Meet multiple supernatural species and even get a chance to travel to some of their lands.

  • Romance any of five characters, all of which have selectable genders of male, female and non-binary each. Tropes include best friends to lovers, rivals to lovers, strangers to lovers, having an immortal lover, and forbidden love.

  • Choose a skillset for your Hunter (weaponry, traps, cunning or strategy) that will branch off during fight scenes, creating four unique scenarios with different dialogue, choice options and outcomes for each battle.

  • Customize your Hunter’s feelings towards supernatural creatures, including levels from friendly to untrusting, and have the choice to form or break alliances.


When will this come out?
I’d love to have the writing done by the end of 2022.

How many books will this be?
This is the first book of a planned trilogy called The Midnight Hours. The other two books are plotted and have titles.

How long will the demo be?
I’m expecting the open demo to go up to chapter eight. The patreon version of the demo will be to chapter nine or ten and will be released publicly after a couple of months. The book itself is outlined as twenty-one chapters, excluding the prologue and epilogue.

Are there any restrictions and rules on what I have to do to romance a certain RO?
There are a few. You can find them here.

Can I romance Blane and K with a Hunter that isn’t on the ace spectrum?
Definitely! For Blane, their sexuality just means that you will not have the option for a sex scene. For questions on their limits with intimacy and touch, go here. For other questions, you can refer to here. For K, their demisexuality merely means that you will need to reach a certain relationship level to unlock their nsfw scene.

Romance Options.

** for physical descriptions and other fun random bits of information, go here.

THE BEST FRIENDArion/Arden/Adair Devereux

A is your best friend and work partner at IAOS of three years. Charming and reliable, A is always by your side and there when you need a good laugh. With an easygoing manner and sarcastic sense of humour, A is loved by all, though their greatest friend is you.

Will you blur the lines of friendship? Or will A remain forever in the friendzone?

THE RIVALBlane Rekner

Blane Rekner is a fellow Hunter at IAOS and your rival. Blane despises you with a passion and will take every opportunity to make you look bad, often in the form of a snide remark. Cold and startlingly rude, Blane isn’t the most appealing person, but their loyalty and dedication make up for it.

Will you turn your tension into something more than hatred?

THE PARTNERNikolas/Noele/Nolan Alves

N is Blane’s partner at IAOS. Though often overlooked, with soft smiles and constant genuine kindness, N is someone you can count on when having a bad day. But don’t let that fool you, for N also has a strong will and disregard for being overlooked that will make you rethink double-crossing them.

Will you find something real in a sea of mistrust?

THE WARLOCKKian/Kaia/Kai de Vries

K is a warlock stranger your Hunter seeks out for their expertise. Being immortal, K has learned to keep their cards close to their chest and finds it difficult to trust. Despite their aloofness and blunt sense of sarcasm, K is a powerful ally that, once warmed up to you, proves to have a great amount of depth.

Will you fall for someone you know you will one day have to leave behind?

THE BOUNTYRylan Villanueva

Rylan is a bounty you’ve previously failed to capture. A flirt through and through, Rylan’s signature moves are sharp smirks and quick winks, the signs of someone who enjoys the sight of a blush. But though seemingly shallow with their wandering eyes, Rylan’s bed remains empty, spending nights lost and alone.

Will you find love with the very person you’ve been trained to hunt?


Sober Thoughts [A Devereux]
A short story based on the prompt “What are you doing here? It’s the middle of the night.”

Movie Night [A Devereux]
A short story based on the prompt “are you going keep looking at me like that or are you actually going to kiss me?”

Drift Ashore [Blane Rekner]
A short story based on the prompts “I don’t like seeing you with them” and “they don’t deserve you. and I’m not— I’m not tryna be the asshole that says I do. But I sure as hell would never hurt you like that.”

Undeserved [Blane Rekner]
A short story that provides a glimpse inside Blane’s head.

Dreaming [N Alves]
A short story based on the prompt "I had a dream about you.”

Reassurance [K de Vries]
A short story based on the prompt “you thought I never noticed you, but I did. I always saw you.”

Night Strangers [K de Vries and Rylan Villanueva]
A short story of how K and Rylan met.

Comfort [K de Vries and Rylan Villanueva]
A short story on Rylan cooking abodo (a Filipino dish) for K.

Instruction Manuals [Rylan Villanueva]
A short story based on the prompt “I’m going to marry you one day.”

Demo Log.

Upload — March 19, 2021


word count: 53,200
code: 6,200
average playthrough: 19,300

  • Meet 4/5 of the ROs.
  • Meet Caine before he disappears.
  • Get your revenge on a past bounty and redeem yourself… or not.
  • Antagonize Blane (multiple times too).
  • File some papers.
  • Train with a partner of your choice in your downtime.


  • Choose between the other “waiting montage” scenes.
  • Watch Sebastian’s announcement.
  • Play the rest of chapter three.
  • … And a cliffhanger?
April 23, 2021


word count: 79,700 (+ 26,300)
code: 7,300 (+ 1,100)
average playthrough: 25,600 (+ 6,300)

  • Meet K at the infirmary during an added scene in chapter two.
  • File some papers with A, scroll through the IAOS database with Blane or rave over traps with N.
  • Listen to Sebastian’s announcement.
  • A cliffhanger?
  • And the rest of chapter three.

(Grammar fixes were also updated for the prologue to chapter three).


  • Have a much needed conversation (or not)
  • Do some sleuthing
  • Gather the gang
  • And the entirety of chapter four!
June 18, 2021


word count: 119,270 (+ 39,570)
code: 12,490 (+ 5,190)
average playthrough: 39,200 (+ 13,600)

  • Get your chance to (kinda) get back at Rylan
  • Contemplate your thoughts
  • Snoop around in your boss’s office
  • Figure out a plan (with some unexpected guests)

(Grammar fixes and flavour text were also made/added to chapters one through three).


  • Spend some alone time with K and Rylan
  • Learn about warlock magic
  • Put the beginning of the plan in motion
  • And the entirety of chapter five!
August 30 2021


word count: 157,280 words (+ 38,010)
code: 14,330 (+ 1,840)
average playthrough: 53,340 words (+ 14,140)

  • Sync eyerolls with N at A’s and Blane‘s fights
  • Navigate a (slightly) one-sided conversation with K
  • Experience a side of Rylan you haven’t seen
  • Discuss Caine’s bad eating habits and love life

(Grammar fixes and new choices were also made/added to chapters one through four).


  • Dress up in some fancy clothes
  • Spend some alone time with a ro of your choice (romantic or platonic reasons)
  • Read more scenes in different povs
  • Meet [spoilers]

Been following this for a long time on tumblr! Congrats on the release, so excited for you!


Congrats for the demo release! I’ve been excitedly waiting for it and it’s finally out now!!


Alright, you had me at rivals to lovers!!! haha, love the Demo, i’m really excited to see where this goes!! :slight_smile: :slight_smile:


I’ve been excited about this one, pretty sure it won’t disappoint! Congrats on the release!


Ahh, I loved the demo so much! It’s such a refreshing idea. The customisation for the MC from start to finish is amazing, and the RO’s we’ve met so far are brilliant - they have such different personalities, and it’s nice to see their interactions with the one another and the MC.

I can’t gush about this demo enough. Thank you for making such an amazing game, and I’m so glad we’re mutuals on tumblr :blush:


Interesting demo.

I was pleasantly surprised to see some justification for the Rival trope with how Caine treats Blane. Usually the Rival trope breaks my immersion since you really couldn’t get away with that sort of behavior in the workplace, especially if the rival actively tries to sabotage something… unless the boss is somehow negligent. In this case, Caine isn’t all that professional himself IMO.

Congrats on publishing the demo. I look forward to future updates!


I haven’t played the demo yet and just went straight to the romance options and… AHHH😍


This is an interesting demo…
A wonderful read, G’Luck @evertides

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Congratulations for your demo release!!! You definitely don’t disappoint. Hoping for more! :partying_face:

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@parivir @Bae_Junhong @Holtzmann @PhoenixKnight @CsN @Empress_Nightmare @French_Fries

thank you all so much for the kind words!! glad that you all enjoyed it <3


I really enjoyed this demo! The characters were really interesting and I’m definitely excited to see what’s going to come next in the story. I was really surprised when I saw on Tumblr that K is half Assyrian. As an Assyrian myself, it’s awesome to see some representation and I can’t wait to meet them in-game! :blush:

ahh thank you so much Mila! i know i already told you but i absolutely adore you and everything you do so this means a lot. so so happy you liked it.

thank you for the kind words!! i know the rivals to lovers trope can throw people off if not done correctly so I’m glad you find it okay so far. and you’re right. Caine is definitely not a professional, especially not for the position he has.

ah yay!! super excited to introduce them in the game (i truly wish i could fit them in sooner but alas, it just doesn’t work out). it’s a big goal for my game to represent as many minorities as possible so it’s great to see someone relating to it already!


It’s definitely made me sympathize with Blane but Nikolas is a cinnamon roll that my sweet tooth cannot ignore!


i’ve been following your progress on tumblr and i can say with confidence the wait was most DEFINITELY worth it!! the ROs have already very much stolen my heart (can’t wait to bully Blane hehe) and your writing style is very captivating and easy to follow. also, the worldbuilding is definitely intriguing - how much do people outside of IOAS know of the supernaturals? and how does the hierarchy work here? so many questions, i can’t wait to find out with the upcoming updates! the demo already looks incredibly polished, you’re doing a great job! keep it up :smiley: i cannot wait for the next update already haha!

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@xizzy ahh thank you so much!! compliments like these truly make my day. the worldbuilding is definitely something i’m looking forward to exploring in future chapters—just didn’t want to overwhelm you by dumping it in one go! and Blane… man they’re going to be so much fun.



Very nice start.

The only constructive feedback I can give at this time is:

  • Add a “random” gender option to your two existing options at the beginning.

I know your options are designed to provide flexibility on romance options but the two you have often leave readers like myself adrift.

I feel by making everyone my gender preference, I end up turning the game into a Harem story… something I do not want to do and the choose as you play is a wonderful option for replays, but on a first reading, this often leads to disconnect if I “choose” the wrong gender for a character… and I am unlikely to start over after a certain point.

During testing, saves can address this conundrum, but on publication and for straight-through play sessions, the reader will not have a save system available.

A random gender choice would give a reader the illusion of choosing the “cannon” or “traditional” story type and would help build stronger hooks for those types of readers that prefer such.


Oi @evertides

Arden is female.

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definitely planning on this. i’ll add it in over the weekend once i figure out the code for it.

fixed now! sorry about that.


Just finished the demo and I’m already in love with the story and characters!
You have something really special here :slight_smile: