What's your favourite thing about writing/playing choicescript games?

Each system has its strengths and weaknesses for what it can do, but just curious, what is everyone’s favourite thing about CS when compared to other coding options like Twine or Ink? It can be anything from community support, accessibility, appearence to specific pieces of code you can use to make the game :slight_smile: .


Passing Quicktest and Randomtest.


The big publisher. :wink:


Yeah those are a lifesaver for me. It’s like all done! Just quickly run the tester through. 20 errors later…


The community and support is first and foremost to me (also the reach for published games). But also…

Visible stats! I don’t think Twine or Ink has a stat screen, unless I’m wrong?


As someone who’s been playing these games for years but only just started learning to code, I just love how accessible everything is for a beginner, and a lot of that is definitely thanks to the community :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:


Pretty sure you can make them visible in twine at least. (But I’m not sure how to do it. My twine skills are pretty basic.)

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The control over the pacing!

Very simple and easy to learn coding. I like the CYS program, and I think it’s a lot easier to use for beginners, and more efficient for writing the more old-school Choose Your Own Adventure style games, but you very quickly hit road blocks where it’s like;

“Hey guys, how do I do this?”
“Uhh… You can’t.”

With choicescript, I find that when it comes to coding, there’s very little that I flat out can’t do. Takes a while to figure things out sometimes, but there’s usually a solution in the end. :blush:


Not only is there very little you can’t do, but there’s always a bunch of awesome people willing to help you out with whatever issue you’re having. I have never seen anyone ask for coding help and walk away empty-handed.


Quicktest and Randomtest are invaluable. I also appreciate the screen-reader-friendliness of the finished product. I also find ChoiceScript intuitive, and the fact that I don’t need to think about graphic design is useful when I just want to focus on the writing and design.

And, honestly, the CoG staff are brilliant and it’s incredible that they do so much with such a small team!


Always wondered… What’s the actual point of Randomtest? Like, what does Randomtest do that Quicktest doesn’t?

For one thing, it gives wordcount per playthrough. It also helps you find sections that might infinitely loop.


It catches issues that QuickTest doesn’t, you can use *bug to check that particular errors don’t come up. You can also use it to check how many times a line is accessed, so that you don’t end up with branches that are too easy or hard to get to.


Randomtest actually (fully) runs the game a number of times, picking random choices. This is perfect for finding bugs, but takes a very long time. Quicktest (as the name implies) is really just a bare bones sanity check, and actually “cheats” in some ways.


I think the thing I appreciate most is the whole Hosted Games machine. Just thinking about all the hoops I won’t have to jump through is invaluable. All the promotion. Interfacing with the app stores. Creating the actual distribution files for all those platforms. I get dizzy just thinking about all that work.


I immediately thought “opposed stats” because I love playing with them, but then I was reading what other people said and I can’t choose between:
-the community
-the loyal readers/popularity of the brand
-the perfect balance of ChoiceScript (between simplicity to learn and the flexibility to do cool stuff).
-diversity—of the games, players, and writers.


Loopholes? Loopholes anyone? Very easy to use loopholes? No?.

Okay then.