Choicescript <=> Twine translator. Translate your CS game into Twine and vice-versa! (W.i.p.)

Hi everyone! :slight_smile:

Wouldn’t it be nice if you could translate your CS game into Twine with just one click and vice-versa? :star_struck:

A very skilled programmer who happens to be a friend of mine and I are planning to create such a tool. We aim to allow people to write one IF story and translate “effortlessly” it into CS or Twine.

Do you think such a tool would be helpful? Would you use it? Does this idea infringe any copyrights (we hope not, but PLEASE tell us asap, so we don’t waste precious time)?

And how would you use this tool? From CS to Twine or vice-versa? Or perhaps both ways?

Finally, would you like to translate your CS game into other languages? Which ones? Why?

I know there are a lot of questions here, but I would be glad if you found a minute to share your thoughts and help us build a potent and hopefully helpful tool.

Thank you for your attention. Love to all :two_hearts:

  • I don’t need such a tool
  • I would love to translate a Choicescript game into Twine (one way only)
  • I would love to translate a Twine game into Choicescript (one way only)
  • I would love a tool that translates CS into Twine AND vice-versa (two ways)

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You can translate from ChoiceScript to Twine. I doubt the other way around is possible. Twine has different targets and most of them accept arbitrary JavaScript, whereas ChoiceScript has a limited set of features.

I think this would be a great tool. When you create a game, the code belongs to you. However the ChoiceScript compiler/runtime is copyrighted. In effect this means you cannot publish your game by yourself, and if you change your mind you’re stuck with either dropping the project or porting everything manually.

You cannot copyright a programming language syntax or feature set, only the implementation. So, if you guys build a parser/transpiler you wouldn’t be infringing upon any copyright. Just don’t reuse any of the ChoiceScript official source code.


I think It is not an accurate poll. I don’t needed it but I also think is a great adittion to the community. Not need spomething doesn’t imply that you can’t value it.


Interesting idea, though I wonder if that would make it easier to plaigarise games.

I think Twine → ChoiceScript would certainly be possible but you’d likely have to strip out a fair number of features that Twine allows (mostly the interactive ones). I’m sure there’s a lot of interesting design choices to be made regarding that!


@Dioti do you think plagiarism would be encouraged with such a tool?

Could you please explain me why?

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I don’t actually think that plagiarism would be encouraged but I thought it was interesting to consider!

A tool like this would certainly make it easier to port Twine games over to CS. If someone ported over a relatively obscure Twine game (or even just parts of it) that wasn’t theirs and tried to publish it under the CoG/HG/HC brand, I imagine it would be harder to check if it contained plagiarism or not. I assume it’s easier to check for stolen content when it’s using the same language/tools and I also assume it’s easier to identify potential plagiarism when it’s all on the same platform - if you’re stealing content from WIPs, a lot of folk here will be familiar with WIPs written in CS and would be able to call out anyone plagiarising these WIPs, while not that many people here will know about WIPs written with Twine.

That said, I actually have no idea how CoG editors check for stuff like plagiarism and these are all baseless assumptions anyway lol. Even if it is an issue, I doubt it would have much of an impact and I definitely don’t think it should stop you from developing such a tool. :slightly_smiling_face:

Oooooo, gimmegimmegimme!!!

Sounds like a great project