Choice Script or Chronicler

I’m Blue knight and a recent(ish) user on Choice of games.

I was thinking about making a game some time later in the year and while researching about choice script I came across the Chronicler topic, this looks like it may be pretty helpful for a beginner like me but I was just wanting to gather other opinions about choice script and it’s differences before making a decision.

(Or maybe I just derped and didn’t read the documents enough)

Sorry if this wastes your time,
Blue Knight

What do you want to know exactly?

Welcome to the Forum! (:

By differences, I believe you mean the differences between CS and other interactive fiction programs such as Twine?

While I can’t attest to the programming differences as I’ve never written a game in Twine, I feel that the main difference is in the ambience you wish to create with your game. In my experience, CS lends itself more towards light-hearted or upbeat adventures, whereas Twine games tend to feel more dark and mysterious. This is not strictly true however, there’s nothing to stop you from writing a horror game in CS, but I feel that aesthetics play a pivotal role in this. Twine games usually have a dark background, while CS is white (if you want it on Hosted Games, otherwise it is possible to modify the CSS code). Furthermore, choosing from a list of choices in CS is more of an RPG mechanic, while clicking highlighted text within a sentence feels like an exploration style game.

So, essentially, it depends on the style of game you wish to make, rather than the coding syntax.

Hope this helps!