What would your dream life be?

So I have been fiddling around with CS for a while and been working on a gamebook at my own pace and that question came up as part of the story. If you were offered the chance to change your life to your dream life, what would be your dream life?

Would you want to be so rich you could afford anything you wanted or a traveller with no place you call home? Simply lead a carefree life with no responsibility? So tell me, what is your dream life?

I’m pretty vanilla. A dream life would include a wife, a house, kids, and no bills!

If I could really go Out There though, I would say a dream would be to have every superpower imaginable and then use them to solve the world’s problems and make people feel better. Like, one day I end the Israel/Palestine conflict, the next I stop an earthquake, and the next I cure cancer. It would be fun to see what such a perfect world would be like!

My dream would to live in Japan after getting a wife and maybe having a few kids. I’d want to have a beta tester job for a gaming company over there. I’m pretty simple.

Well, might as well go really out there. My own starship to explore the galaxy in? My own Tardis would be even better. Super genius intellect so I could operate and maintain my new toys would also be nice.

Ah, I feel like Tardis is both overrated and overdone; I’d settle for the Classic StarLord’s ship (known as ‘ship’) so I don’t have to deal with time paradox induced headaches. (‘Ship’ is ten times cooler anyway)

I have several dream lives, literally. Like, dreams about doing stuff that could coherently fit together in a couple different ‘lives’. One is being a monsterslayer, kind of like a magical bounty hunter? I had a lot of scary-ish monster/evil creature fighting dreams. The other is being a famous actress/singer, which is something that I seriously looked into when I was younger lol. I had a lot of dreams about Oscar awards and Hollywood red carpets, stage performances, etc etc. Almost all of my dreams fall into one of those two categories, so…2 potential dream lives? :slight_smile: Needless to say, if either of them came true I would certainly be happy to live them for reals.

Dream life…

Ageless Immortality also for anyone I care enough about…
The power to permanently absorb and copy powers…
An a universe filled with randomly powered people and monsters.

As a Void Assassin I already live a “dream” life

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For starters, having a harem of dashing and devoted man would be nice…LOL…

My dream life is to be an immortal cyborg, the only organic bit remaining should be the brain. With this unending life, I shall dedicate myself to the advancement of science! Not by becoming a lab rat, but with my lack of death, I shall have plenty of time to say, figure out a method of faster then light travel(Or wormhole manipulation, which is more plausible)

Wait maybe switching places with the main character from High school of the Dead would be a good move on my part. If you’ve seen the show you know reason A reason B is because I get to fight zombies!

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I would have the force.


For the deep and intriguing plot right? That’s totally why!

@The_Jensen, no it’s for the…er yeah you know what you’re exactly right.

If we wanna keep it simple, I’d want to be really beautiful. Like, jaw-droppingly gorgeous. Because being pretty makes life so much easier.

But if there’s no limitations to what that dream life can entail, I would not only want to be attractive as hell, I’d also like to be super strong. And have lots of money. With which I would then build my dream house.
I’d also like to have the ability to switch between male and female at will (biologically speaking). No idea why, but only getting to be one gender seems like such a waste. I’d want to experience both point of views.

…actually, scratch all that. I just wanna be omnipotent. Gimme the complete package.


Lots of different dreams so far. I’ll definitely try to put what I can into the gamebook and make them work with the story somehow. Thank you all for sharing them!

@Razgriz It’s totally for that reason! The deep and engaging story that unfolds before your eyes. :wink:

@Outrageous well I mean obviously. Why else would I possibly want to be in that world surrounded by Victoria Secret models and zombies?

Spend a few years living just about everywhere on earth. I’m a serial monogamist when it comes to places.

I have the exact same dream. A few years in Tokyo followed by a few in Vancouver and then a few in Paris. And I would immediately know all language, customs, etc.

Also my life would not be linear. I’d be able to live one year a retiree, one as a college kid, one as a parent, one as an elementary school kid, etc. Its actually the story idea I want to pitch to CoG after CCH is published.


@HornHeadFan: A nonlinear CoG? I would dig it